Maisie series

Maisie #9 and Maisie #492 being "reviewed" by Harry Mudd

The Maisie series was a group of five hundred identical androids who inhabited the planet Mudd. They were designed according to the personal specifications of Harry Mudd.

The Maisie series was not seen until the crew of the USS Enterprise had reprogrammed the Mudd androids, tasking them with the development of the planet as they were originally intended to do. Two representatives of the Maisie series accompanied members of the Herman series, the Alice series, the Barbara series, and several others including, presumably, the Annabelle series and the Trudy series, to be reviewed by Harry Mudd just before the Stella series was revealed to him. (TOS: "I, Mudd")

The Maisie series, only identified in dialogue, were established by the Star Trek Concordance to be the series portrayed by uncredited twin sisters Starr and Tamara Wilson.
They are wearing costumes (complete with the fake pearl necklace) originally worn by Maggie Thrett in "Mudd's Women".
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