Multiple realities
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Makull's homeworld was a class M planet in orbit of a red dwarf star, located in the Delta Quadrant. The USS Voyager scanned this planet in 2371. It was inhabited, but lack of an artificial satellite system or nearby spacecraft suggested a pre-warp civilization. The civilization had constructed artificial waterways, a global aqueduct system, and a long-distance continental transport. Polaric energy was used as a planetwide power source.

The planet with its civilization destroyed

An accident in a polaric energy plant devastated the planet in 2371. Its civilization was wiped out and its vegetation was destroyed; everything organic was obliterated. It also left subspace fractures floating across the planet's surface. The accident was prevented when Kathryn Janeway reset the timeline. Although these events never occurred, one remnant of this timeline remained: Kes' memories. (VOY: "Time and Again")

In the script of "Time and Again", this planet was described thus; "This is a bright, healthy planet with blue oceans and green continents."
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 82), this planet was named Markov-Kalto. Unlike in the episode, where it was established that this planet orbited a red dwarf, the book had it that the planet was located in a binary star system. Both the primary and secondary were class G stars. The magnitude of the primary was +7, which was 1/10 as bright as Sol. Voyager traveled past this planet on stardate 48490.
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