Malurian console

Malurian script on a console

The Malurian language was the spoken and written language of the Malurians.

A Malurian mining operation on the Akaali homeworld had many hidden panels and devices that had Malurian text on them.

In 2151, Jonathan Archer asked Riaan if she could read Malurian. She suggested he use his device, but Archer told her that it wasn't designed to do so. (ENT: "Civilization")

Established Malurian Edit

Vikash nol meton.

(Signals shipment is ready)
In the script pronunciation guide for "Civilization", this phrase was phonetically notated as "vee-KASH nol muh-TONE."

Putav nol.

(Confirmation from shuttle)
This statement was scripted to be pronounced "puh-TAHV nol."

- Garos' Assistant signals a Malurian shuttle operator over communicator.

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