"You're my employee. And employees have no right to question the management's decisions."

A manager, or likewise, the management, were an individual or individuals in charge of an establishment, and was usually responsible for directing a business along with it's employees. An assistant manager, was typically one step below a manager. Mister Lurry, the station manager of Deep Space Station K-7 was called by the title "Manager". (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles")

When James T. Kirk encountered Kara on Sigma Draconis VI, he told her that he wished to "talk to those in charge." When she didn't understand the term, Kirk attempted to clarify with alternate terms, such as "the organizers, the managers. The leader of your people." (TOS: "Spock's Brain")

In the novel, The Royale, the motel by the same name was run by an elusive manager. When William T. Riker was trying to figure out how to leave the Hotel Royale in 2365, he approached the assistant manager, who informed Riker, "If you have a complaint about the service you've received during your stay here, you can always take it up with the manager." When Riker asked to speak with the manager, he was informed that "I'm afraid the manager is very busy." (TNG: "The Royale")

When Jake Sisko and Nog were having personal conflict revolving around their individual species' customs, Jake asked Odo to arrest the two of them and place them together in a holding cell so they could work it out. When Nog saw he was going to be placed in the same cell as Jake, he protested that he wanted his own cell, to which Odo replied, "I'm sorry the quarters aren't to your liking. Please feel free to submit a complaint to the management." (DS9: "Life Support")

According to Doctor Louis Zimmerman, the manager of the cafe on Jupiter Station had just quit sometime in mid-2373. While visiting Deep Space 9, Zimmerman had heard this news from his colleagues and suggested the newly opened manager position to Leeta as a career option, as they were apparently looking for "[s]omeone with experience in both food service and entertainment." Zimmerman spoke to the station's commanding officer and, according to Zimmerman, "she's amenable to the idea [and] [t]he cafe is yours if you want it." Leeta ultimately turned the offer down. (DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume")

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