For the similar, larger type of craft, please see Maquis raider.

The Maquis fighter was a type of small and maneuverable shuttle used by the Federation and later commonly utilized by the Maquis as a fighter craft in their battle against the Cardassians.

History Edit

In late 2370, Lieutenant Ro Laren used one of these ships to mount a staged "raid" against the USS Enterprise-D in order to obtain medical supplies for her Maquis cell.

The same ship was later used by Ro and Commander Riker during an aborted trap set by Starfleet to raid a Yridian convoy. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

Technical data Edit

Operational systems Edit

The ship has multiple propulsion systems including thrusters, impulse and warp drives. The warp drive emitted a Federation warp signature.

Maquis fighter firing phasers

Firing phasers

For defense, they were equipped with photon torpedoes, type 8 phasers, and deflector shields.

Additionally, they were equipped with a transporter system, capable of transporting objects one stationary location to another without the use of a transporter pad. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

Interior design Edit

This type of ship had a shuttle-size cockpit with seating for two, with a central display monitor between the two station.

The aft section of the ship the aft section contained the ship's cargo hold separated by a doorway, with an additional doorway beyond. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

The cockpit and hold were a reuse of the shuttle design that originally appeared as the Nenebek. The outline of same ship is visible on the Maquis ship's exterior.

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Background information Edit

Although the Maquis fighter and the Maquis raider shared the same basic design, the raider is somewhat larger than the Maqis fighter, with an altered cockpit and different detailing, since the interior set was represented by a redress of Danube-class runabout cockpit rather than a redress of the Nenebek shuttle interior.

For further information on the studio model that was used as both the fighter and the raider, please see: Maquis fighter model.

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