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The Maquis raider was a type of small and maneuverable starship commonly utilized by the Maquis as a raider craft in their fight against the Cardassians.


In 2371, Chakotay's Maquis cell was operating in a similar raider, the Val Jean, when they were pursued by the Cardassian Galor-class warship Vetar under the command of Gul Evek. The raider was an old craft; still using its rebuilt engine, it was no match for the much larger vessel and took refuge in the Badlands. While there, it was scanned by a tetryon beam and catapulted to the Delta Quadrant by an entity known as the Caretaker. The ship was later destroyed when, in order to protect the likewise marooned USS Voyager, it rammed and obliterated a vessel operated by the Kazon-Ogla. The Maquis were transported aboard Voyager and forced to join the Starfleet crew for the trip home. (VOY: "Caretaker")

In 2372, Kasidy Yates' freighter, the Xhosa, rendezvoused with a Maquis raider inside the Badlands. (DS9: "For the Cause") And in 2373, several ships of this type participated in Maquis offensives against the USS Malinche, the USS Defiant, and Quatal Prime. (DS9: "For the Uniform")

Technical data

Some of these raiders operated with impulse engines originally built around 2332. (VOY: "Caretaker")

Defensive systems

These vessels were fairly well armed, operating with up to four wing-mounted phaser banks and four torpedo launchers. (VOY: "Caretaker", "For the Uniform")

Interior design

Val Jean's bridge

Val Jean's bridge

Eddington informs Sisko of cascade virus

Eddington transmits from his bridge

This type of ship had a bridge which held four stations, was not unlike that of a runabout. The pilot sat in the forward most position. On the ship's port side, and to the pilot's immediate upper left was the ship's viewscreen, further back along the port side was the tactical station. To the starboard side of the pilot was the engineering station, with a fourth station located behind that along the wall. The ship also had a transporter pad that was adjacent to or easily accessible from the bridge. (VOY: "Caretaker")

This type of vessel could also be equipped with holo-communicators. (DS9: "For the Uniform")

Ships of the class




Background information

Val Jean - displacement wave graphic Val jean
A graphic of the raider...
...and the vessel type designation on Teero's computer display

Judging by the computer displays on Chakotay's raider, the raiders were originally Federation ships from the early 24th century.

The name for this ship type comes from a computer graphic Teero Anaydis was looking at in "Repression". According to Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 4 (p. 112), a poster created for the set in "Repression" used the name "Ju'day-class", for Star Trek archivist Penny Juday, while the apocryphal Star Trek Customizable Card Game names this ship type as the "Condor-class".

Although they shared the same basic design, the raider is somewhat larger than the Maquis fighter, with an altered cockpit and different detailing, since the interior set was represented by a redress of Danube-class runabout cockpit rather than a redress of the Nenebek shuttle interior.

The Maquis raider was also used as the secondary hull of the Starfleet Yeager-type starship. That ship type also consisted of parts from the Intrepid-class, making the raider-segment of the ship much larger in scale than the ships used by the Maquis. [1](X)

Kazon fighters bearing down on the USS Voyager and Val Jean

Dorsal view of the Val Jean and the USS Voyager

While not canonically established, a shot in "Caretaker", where the Val Jean pulls up alongside the USS Voyager towards the Caretaker's array, discerns that the length of the raider is twenty percent the length of Voyager, which, given that ship's accepted length of 343 meters, translates into about sixty-eight meters. That was the stated intent of the visual effects supervisor for the episode, David Stipes; "And the Maquis ship is one-fifth the size of Voyager, and that (model) is nearly two feet long. So I needed to be in North Hollywood to shoot it!" (Star Trek: Communicator issue 105, p. 59)

For further information on the studio model that served as both the fighter and the raider, please see: Maquis raider model.

The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives the name "Guingouin" to one of the Maquis raiders visible in the episode "For the Uniform".


Star Trek Official Starships Collection Issue 28

Issue #28

According to Issue #18 of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, the Ju'day-class raider was approximately 68.5 meters in length (twice the size of its fighter progenitor), had a maximum speed of warp factor 9, and a crew complement of 30.

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