Marci Collins was a reporter for 3 Action News.

In the last days of the year 2000, she reported on the conflict between Henry Janeway and Millennium Gate spokesman Gerald Moss, which was about the selling of Henry Janeway's bookstore so the building of the Millennium Gate could commence.

She interviewed Moss, who told her that the building of the Millennium Gate would proceed as planned if Janeway would sell his store. If he refused, the Gate would be build at an alternate location. When she asked if this would be Canton, Ohio, Moss did not answer her question. Marci also let Janeway explain his position.

In a news report, she told the viewers that the citizens of Canton greeted the representatives of the Millennium Gate project with a small parade when they visited the town, and that Henry Janeway still refused to sell his store.

When doing her final interview with Moss in front of the Janeway's bookstore, as Moss explained that extending the project's deadline would not be possible, she noticed the arrival of Shannon O'Donnel, who tried once more to convince Janeway to leave and sell his store.

At 11:59, Henry Janeway left his store for the last time while 3 Action News cameras were registering the last minutes of 2000. (VOY: "11:59")

Collins was played by actress Kristina Hayes.
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