Ensign Marie Kaplan was a Starfleet officer and pilot aboard USS Voyager while it was trapped in the Delta Quadrant. She was assigned to that vessel in 2371.

Kaplan took over some of Tuvok's duties while he was on an away mission in 2373, during which she escorted The Doctor to treat Captain Janeway. (VOY: "Future's End", "Future's End, Part II")

Later that year she appeared on a segment of Good Morning, Voyager. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

In 2373, she and Commander Chakotay were scouting the Nekrit Expanse when they received a Federation distress signal. Landing on a nearby planet, they were attacked by one of the factions that later became part of the Cooperative. Kaplan was killed in the attack. (VOY: "Unity")

Kaplan was played by Susan Patterson.
This character's first name was not revealed in her appearances, but was mentioned in a casualty list and conversation from VOY: "Imperfection".

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