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Mario Muñoz is an actor and stuntman who portrayed one of the Evora delegates in Star Trek: Insurrection. As a background actor, he received no credit for his appearance. Parts of his costume were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Muñoz is part of the Muñoz family, from which members appeared in several Star Trek productions, including his brothers Mark Muñoz and Michael Muñoz, his mother Nancy Muñoz, and his sister-in-law Marisa Muñoz. He trained martial arts and stunts at the XMA Headquarters in North Hollywood.

Muñoz served as stand-in on the television series The Brothers Gracia (2000-2003, with Carlos Lacamara and Ada Maris), appeared in science fiction thriller Inhabited (2003, with Megan Gallagher, Malcolm McDowell, Rosalind Chao, James Otis, and Michael Muñoz), and performed stunts as one of the Dwergers in the action fantasy film Van Helsing (2004), as stunt double for Dylan Sprouse in the television series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2007), and more recently in the family movie Opposite Day (2008, stunt coordinated by Cole McKay).

He also appeared in stunt roles and doubled child actors in the television series All That, The Jersey (under stunt coordinator Eddie Perez), and Ben Ten Alive (2008), as well as in John Putch's family movie The Boy Who Saved Christmas (1998) and the television special Twas' the Night Before Christmas (2000). Muñoz has appeared in several television commercials for labels such as, Toyota, and in 2004 for the ABC Football kickoff, mostly portraying an Elf.

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