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Mariposa was an inhabited planet in the Ficus sector. Classified as M class, this ringed world was settled by Humans from the SS Mariposa in the mid-22nd century. This planet was only half a light year from the Bringloid system. While attempting to land on the surface, the hull of the ship was breached, killing all but five of the colonists. As a result, the Mariposa colony was comprised of numerous clones.

The USS Enterprise-D evacuated the colonists from Bringloid V to Mariposa in 2365. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

A deleted scene from this episode, available on the TNG Season 2 Blu-ray, referred to this planet as NB2323.
The planet model for Mariposa was first used for Gravesworld, ("The Schizoid Man") and was used again for an unnamed planet. ("The Dauphin")
According to Star Trek: Star Charts ("United Federation of Planets I"), Mariposa was listed as a member planet of the Federation in 2378.

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