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Mark Bussan is a makeup artist who worked on Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and several seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

During his time on Deep Space Nine, Bussan was part of the makeup department which earned four Emmy Award nominations for their work, 1996 for the episode "The Visitor" (shared with Camille Calvet, Michael Westmore, Dean Jones, Karen Iverson, Scott Wheeler, Gilbert A. Mosko, Ellis Burman, Jr., David Quashnick, Thomas E. Surprenant, R. Stephen Weber, Brad Look, and Kevin Haney), 1997 for the episode "Apocalypse Rising" (shared with Camille Calvet, Michael Westmore, Karen Iverson, Ellis Burman, Jr., R. Stephen Weber, David Quashnick, Dean Jones, Brad Look, Belinda Bryant, James MacKinnon, Allan A. Apone, Perri Sorel, Mary Kay Morse, John Maldonado, Lisa Collins, and Karen Westerfield), 1998 for the episode "Who Mourns for Morn?" (shared with Camille Calvet, Michael Westmore, Dean Jones, Ellis Burman, Jr., Karen Iverson, Karen Westerfield, Mary Kay Morse, Belinda Bryant, Joe Podnar, Suzanne Diaz, Jill Rockow, David Quashnick, and Bernd Rantscheff), and 1999 for the episode "The Dogs of War" (shared with Camille Calvet, Michael Westmore, Dean Jones, Mary Kay Morse, Ellis Burman, Jr., Belinda Bryant, Karen Iverson, Karen Westerfield, Brad Look, David Quashnick, Earl Ellis, Joe Podnar, R. Stephen Weber, Jeff Lewis, Sandra Rowden, Toby Lamm, Michael F. Blake, June Westmore, Judith Silverman, Craig Smith, Kevin Haney, Suzanne Diaz, Scott Wheller, James Rohland, Tina Hoffman, and Natalie Wood).

Prior to his work on Star Trek, Bussan was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for the Benjamin Franklin episode The Ambassador in 1975. He won two Emmy Awards in the same category for the drama Backstairs in the White House in 1979 (shared with Ron Walters) and for the Amazing Stories episode Without Diana in 1987 (shared with Michael Westmore and Zoltan Elek).

Working in the makeup department since the early '70s, Bussan worked on projects such as the horror film Deathmaster (1972), the television movie The First Woman President (1974), the television series Charlie's Angels (1980-1981) and Hunter, the drama Cracked Up (1987), the comedy Life Stinks (1991, along with Carolyn Elias), the thriller Bound By Honor (1993, with Shirley Dolle and Shawn McKay), the television series Flying Blind (1992-1993, with Linle White), the television special The Return of Hunter (1995), as makeup and hair artist for Avery Brooks in the thriller 15 Minutes (2001), and the television series The Division and Deadwood.

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(Note that Bussan like all other makeup artists also worked on the episodes he's not credited for during his time on Star Trek.)

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