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Mark Paniccia is a comic book editor and writer. While Malibu Comics held the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine license, Paniccia was the main editor of their media line. After Malibu was purchased by Marvel Comics and the license moved with them, Paniccia continued working as an editor, eventually becoming a senior editor at the company, where he continues to work today.

His lone Star Trek writing credits are with Aron Eisenberg on the Malibu celebrity comic, "The Rules of Diplomacy", with Tim Russ on a story set in the mirror universe in "Sole Asylum, Part One" and "Sole Asylum, Part Two", the main stories he also wrote.

In 1995, an issue by Malibu Comics, "The Search", announced that he and Renee Pulve had married. They since divorced and he remarried.

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