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Mark Rademaker (born 1980; age ~41) is a digital artist who has worked on the Star Trek: Ships of the Line (SOTL) calendars and as a starship designer. He first contributed to the 2008 calendar, adding an image each year through 2014. Dutch-born Rademaker was brought to the attention of primary editor of the SOTL calendar series, Doug Drexler, by former Star Trek Production Illustrator Andrew Probert. Stated the former, "Mark came to me through Andy Probert, who, impressed with Mark's originality, thought I should give him a shot. Later, when Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark were preparing a new Trek novel series called "Aventine", they needed a new distinctive starship... well, Mark was just the guy for the job, and the 2010 calendar was the perfect place to launch her!" [1](X)

Initially, his design of the USS Aventine (in the novels the command of Captain Ezri Dax), was not featured on any of the covers of what was ultimately called the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, but did later grace the cover of the cross-over novel Zero Sum Game. Rademaker he was also credited with the design of the Merian-class starship in IDW Publishing's "Hive, Issue 4".

In Star Trek Online, the Rademaker-class, a variant of the Aventine-class, is named after him.

In daily life Rademaker is a systems manager at the Graafschap College in the Dutch city of Doetinchem. [2]


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