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Mark Rosenthal was credited as a co-writer of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, along with Leonard Nimoy and Lawrence Konner. He and Konner have been writing partners since 1985.

Nimoy later alleged, in his memoirs I Am Spock, that Konner and Rosenthal actually had nothing to do with the finished script, but the studio gave them credit for political reasons. Most ironically, Nimoy had, one year earlier, delved into the matter at far more length and in far more detail for co-star William Shatner's memoirs Star Trek Movie Memories (1995, pp. 340-396) than he had in his own memoirs. As it so happened, Shatner had also, independently from Nimoy, interviewed the movie's Director/Co-Script Writer Nicholas Meyer for his memoirs, who, even though he had a strained relationship with Nimoy at the time, because of the studio politics surrounding this issue, fully corroborated Nimoy's allegation, even claiming that not even a single syllable of the Konner/Rosenthal story outlines had been used.


Mark Rosenthal made his writing debut alongside established television writer Lawrence Konner with the motion picture The Legend of Billie Jean (featuring Dean Stockwell). This was followed by such films as The Jewel of the Nile, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, The Beverly Hillbillies (starring Diedrich Bader), and Mercury Rising (featuring Kevin Conway).

More recently, Rosenthal and Konner worked on the remakes for Mighty Joe Young (featuring Lawrence Pressman, Scarlett Pomers, Richard Riehle, and Tracey Walter, cinematography by Don Peterman, and music by James Horner) and Planet of the Apes (featuring Cary-Hiroyuki, David Warner, Erick Avari, Michael Jace, and Deep Roy). Their latest films were Mona Lisa Smile and Flicka.

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