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Mark Stimson is a special and visual effects artist who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the video game Star Trek: Borg. [1]

Several things and people in Star Trek were named after him, including:

In 2000 he also worked in the special effects department for the short film 9mm of Love, written and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, starring Ethan Phillips, Liz Vassey, and Patricia Tallman, edited by Daryl Baskin, with assistant directors Michael Risner and David Trotti, and special effects by Dick Brownfield , stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone, stunts by Leslie Hoffman and Tom Morga and in 2004 on the drama Hidalgo.

Prior to his special effects work for Paramount he performed the rhythm guitar with "Slip o' the Wrist" at the Cellar Clubs. [2]

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