The Markonian outpost

The central structure

The Markonian outpost was an outpost located in the Delta Quadrant. A station manager worked on this outpost.

A Morphinian operated a cafe on this outpost.

In 2376, the Federation starship USS Voyager docked at the Markonian outpost. While it was docked, several species, including a Shivolian and a delegation of Kinbori, were allowed to board the starship.

While on the outpost, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and five other Voyager crew members were involved in a brawl with thirteen Kinbori while playing one of the Kinbori's sacred games, which involved attacking opposing players with rackets.

During this time, Seven of Nine encountered a group of former Borg drones whom she was responsible for linking together while she herself was a Borg. She was subsequently attacked by the former drones, but they were stopped by Voyager security officers. (VOY: "Survival Instinct")

The CG-model of the Markonian outpost was later turned upside-down, modified and turned into the Ledosian space port.
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