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Marlys Burdette (born 31 August 1938; age 81) is an actress who played three uncredited roles in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series: an Argelian barista in the episode "Wolf in the Fold", an Annabelle series android in "I, Mudd", and Krako's gun moll in the episode "A Piece of the Action".

Burdette filmed her scenes for "Wolf in the Fold" on Monday 3 July 1967 at Desilu Stage 10, her scene for "I, Mudd" on Wednesday 16 August 1967 at Stage 10, and her scenes for "A Piece of the Action" on Wednesday 8 November 1967 at Stage 11.

In 1962, Burdette was the first runner-up of the Long Beach Miss Bikini contest. [1] In 1963, she was the third runner-up of the first Miss California Bikini contest, in Los Angeles. [2] Beside her Star Trek roles, she has had no other known on-screen appearances.

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