Lieutenant Marple was a male Human Starfleet officer who lived during the mid-23rd century. He served in the operations division aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk, as one of the ship's security officers.

In 2267, Marple was one of four security guards who made up the nine-man landing party that participated in a survey mission of Gamma Trianguli VI. Following the death of Hendorff, Kirk ordered Marple and Mallory to make a full reconnaissance of the village near their location, careful to avoid contact with the humanoid natives.

Although he did not report any initial findings, he returned to the landing party moments after Mallory was killed by an exploding rock. When it was determined by Spock that they were again being watched, Kirk called Marple and Chekov to attention, instructing them how they were going to capture their observer. Kirk instructed Marple to cut around to his right and make a loud noise, while Spock and Chekov were to also make a loud diversion, as Kirk, himself, was finally able to corner Akuta.

Marple later followed the landing party to first, Vaal, then into the village itself, where he spent the night in a hut with the rest of the crew. The following morning, Marple was attacked by one of the natives, under orders from Vaal, killed when he was struck by a heavy club and his skull cracked. (TOS: "The Apple")

Marple was played by Jerry Daniels. He was the fourth of the four red shirts killed in this episode.

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