File:Martia 01.jpg
Martia as child

Martia as a female Human child

Martia was a female chameloid imprisoned on the Klingon penal colony Rura Penthe.

In 2293, she was part of a plot to kill Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy who were imprisoned at Rura Penthe after their conviction for assassinating the Klingon Chancellor, Gorkon. The plot consisted of Martia "helping" the two Starfleet officers escape the penal colony and get beyond its magnetic shield which prevented transporter use. Kirk and McCoy were then to be killed "while attempting to escape." For her part in the conspiracy, Martia was promised a full pardon.

Martia, while appearing as Kirk, was killed by the Klingon commandant of the colony shortly before Kirk and McCoy were rescued by the starship Enterprise. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Martia, appearing as she primarily did, was played by Iman.
Martia, appearing as the "Behemoth alien", was played by John Bloom; on IMDb.
Martia, appearing as a small Human girl, was played by Katie Johnston; on IMDb.
Martia, appearing as James T. Kirk, was played by William Shatner.
Although Martia's crime(s) are not mentioned in the movie, a draft version of the script (found here) contains additional dialogue between Kirk and Martia in which she states that she is serving a life sentence for smuggling.
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