Commander Martin Madden, a Human male

In a deleted scene from Star Trek Nemesis, Martin Madden was a Starfleet commander who would have replaced William T. Riker as first officer of the starship USS Enterprise-E in 2379. The character was named after Marty Madden, longtime companion of Nemesis screenwriter John Logan.

According to the scene, Madden transferred from the USS Talos to assume the duties of Enterprise first officer. The replacement was necessary as Riker had accepted an offer to captain the USS Titan and second officer Data (who was in line to succeed Riker) was killed in battle.

In the scene, Madden arrives on the bridge just as Riker is leaving. Madden, intent on making a good first impression with his new CO, Jean-Luc Picard, requests advice from Riker regarding Picard's attitudes. Sensing the opportunity for a good joke, Riker misinforms his replacement, telling him that Picard is very laid back and prefers to be called "Jean-Luc." Madden took Riker's advice to heart, and only after receiving a stare from Picard as a response did he realize that Riker was "pulling his leg."

Madden was played by actor Steven Culp, who would ultimately be given the role of Major Hayes for the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise. Although Culp's scenes were not included in the theatrical release of Nemesis, they were partially restored for the DVD release, included in the "special features."

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