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Martin "Marty" Pistone is an actor and filmmaker who appeared as a Spacedock controller in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

His Star Trek appearance was followed by supporting roles in the drama The Principal (1987, with Sharon Thomas), episodes of Midnight Caller (1989, with Brenda Strong), Law & Order (1994, with Carolyn McCormick), and Special Unit 2 (2001, with Sean Whalen and Michael Buchman Silver), the short comedy John H. (2003, with Warren A. Stevens)), and the action film No Rules (2005, with Gene LeBell and Clint Lilley).

Pistone also performed stunts in the drama Gunshy (1998, with Musetta Vander and John Fleck), the fantasy comedy Dogma (1999), the war drama One Man's Hero (1999, with Mark Moses and Carlos Carrasco), and served as stunt coordinator for the family film Billboard Dad (1998).

He served as second assistant director on the thriller Extramarital (1998) and as first assistant director on the drama Connecting Dots (2003, with Noa Tishby and Jerry Sroka), the short film John H. (2003), the comedy April's Shower (2003), the action drama El Padrino (2004, with Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr., Brad Dourif, and Tom Todoroff), the action film No Rules (2005), and the drama Payback (2006, with Tanner Gill). Pistone directed the television film Trojan Horse (1997) and the drama Heart of Stone (2001).

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