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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Picard, and thus may contain spoilers.

Martin Wells was a male Human who lived during the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

As a kid, while searching for his dog Maggie in the woods, he stumbled upon Vulcans who were taking scans on Earth. One of the Vulcans attempted to mind meld with Wells to erase his memory of the encounter, but was beamed away before the process was successful.

He later spent his whole life searching for answers, hoping to make contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms. He eventually joined the FBI, but his fellow agents didn't take his work seriously, and his job was constantly on the line. (PIC: "Mercy")

In 2024, he obtained a camera recording that showed Picard materializing outside 10 Forward Avenue. He then led a team of agents to that bar, and they arrested Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan. (PIC: "Monsters")

He took them to his own personal interrogation room, or "interview" room as he called it, because he didn't like the word "interrogation." The first question that he asked Picard was if he was an alien, to which Picard responded that he was not.

This was something that Wells had a very difficult time believing however, since he also had obtained evidence that Picard was present at the gala of the Europa Mission, and he suspected Picard might be an alien saboteur, with a mission to prevent the launch of the Shango X-1.

A female agent later walked into the room to remove Guinan, so that the interviews could continue separately. Unknown to Guinan, she found herself walking into an interrogation room where Q was, whom she had tried to summon earlier with a bottle. It was there she learned that Q was dying. He even tried to demonstrate to her how his powers didn't work by snapping his fingers and telling her he was attempting to vaporize her. They parted, then Guinan used a form of El-Aurian mysticism to conjure up her image to Picard, telling him that he needs to learn more about Wells' past.

Picard told Wells that he would tell him the truth, as long as Wells told him his secret as well – so as to reveal why he was so driven toward proving that aliens continuously visit the Earth. Wells shares his childhood experience with aliens and how he believed that they were trying to "rip his eyeballs out" but disappeared before they had the chance. Picard explained to him that he was a Vulcan, and he was attempting a mind meld, but it was too late to erase Wells' memory, as they were teleported away.

Picard, honoring their agreement, told the truth, and explained that he really wasn't an alien as he had been saying all along, but he was in fact a time traveler from the 25th century. Picard further explained that the reason he came to the 21st century, was to save the Earth and the rest of the galaxy, and that he needed Wells' help to do it. Wells agrees, and he lets them go.

Due to his failure to provide any evidence that there were aliens in America to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Martin Wells was immediately fired from the FBI. (PIC: "Mercy")

Wells was played by Jay Karnes.
His first name was barely legible on his FBI ID, and listed in official press release photos distributed by ViacomCBS. [1]