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Martin Hornstein in 2005

Martin "Marty" Hornstein (11 September 193719 December 2013; age 76) was the Unit Production Manager on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis. He was also credited as Co-Producer for Star Trek VI and as Executive Producer on the other films. He was the uncle of production assistant Ellen J. Hornstein. Hornstein was interviewed for the special "First Contact Production: The Deflector Dish" on the Star Trek: First Contact (Special Edition) DVD in 2005.

Hornstein began his career as an assistant director, with one of his earliest credits being the 1968 film The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, which featured TOS guest actor Percy Rodriguez in the cast. He continued working as an assistant director throughout the 1970s, including stints on the televisions series Night Gallery and The Waltons, but he also began working as a producer and manager. He was the production manager on the 1972 science fiction film Silent Running, directed by Douglas Trumbull, for which Hornstein also received the Associate Producer credit. He then served as both Unit Production Manager and First Assistant Director on the 1974 blaxploitation film Black Belt Jones; shortly thereafter, Hornstein stopped directing and focused solely on production management.

In the mid-to-late 1970s, Hornstein worked for American International Pictures (AIP) and Warner Bros. Pictures, managing such films as Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975, starring Bernie Casey, Logan Ramsey, Thalmus Rasulala, and Madge Sinclair), The Ultimate Warrior (1975, featuring Stephen McHattie), and the 1976 sci-fi thriller Futureworld. He also produced the 1977 Warner Bros. film One on One (starring Gail Strickland) and managed production on the acclaimed TV movie Sybil for NBC. He then managed and associate produced the 1982 film I, the Jury (starring Paul Sorvino) and was associate producer for 1983's Bad Boys (starring Clancy Brown and Alan Ruck).

Hornstein's first association with Paramount Pictures came when he managed the production of the 1987 comedy Back to the Beach. He then served as Executive Producer on Paramount's 1988 drama Permanent Record and as Line Producer on the studio's 1991 action film The Perfect Weapon. He went on to work with the studio on Beverly Hills Cop III, Drop Zone, Tommy Boy (featuring Julie Warner and Zach Grenier), Along Came a Spider (which he also executive produced and which starred Anton Yelchin), and the four aforementioned Star Trek films. Some of his non-Paramount work during this time included Homer and Eddie (starring Whoopi Goldberg) and The Crow: City of Angels (starring Iggy Pop).

Hornstein died on 19 December 2013 following a long illness. He was 76. [1] [2]

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