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Mary Elizabeth Rice (born 1959) was the girl who posed as the young T'Pring, aged 7, in a photograph seen in the Star Trek: The Original Series second season episode "Amok Time". Her photograph was taken during filming on Friday, 16 June 1967. During the shoot, Rice had been suffering from chicken pox as well as a fever. As Rice notes, however, feeling ill made her look more serious, which was a good thing since she was portraying a Vulcan child. The same summer she was on Star Trek, she was an extra in the original Family Affair series starring Brian Keith.

She is now a 61-year-old mother of three and also a grandmother. This page tells her story about the day she entered Star Trek history, including her meeting with Leonard Nimoy, who played T'Pring's betrothed, Mr. Spock.

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