For the similarly-named ensign, please see Massaro.
"I wanted you to know... I'm sorry. I believed in what we were doing. Tell my parents... I'm sorry. I never wanted anyone to get hurt."
– Masaro's last words, 2155 ("Terra Prime")

Ensign Masaro was a Human Starfleet officer serving aboard Enterprise NX-01 in the 2150s.

During Enterprise's mission in the Delphic Expanse, Masaro was among many crewmembers who were wounded in the Battle of Azati Prime in early 2154, but was discharged from sickbay by Doctor Phlox shortly thereafter. Later the same day, Phlox, in an attempt to cheer Captain Archer up, mentioned to the captain that he had discharged Ensign Masaro that morning. (ENT: "Damage")

Later in December that year, Masaro was working on Enterprise's warp injectors. (ENT: "Bound")

Unknown to anyone at the time, Masaro was also a member of the xenophobic extremist group Terra Prime. In this capacity, Masaro supplied to John Frederick Paxton, Terra Prime's leader, genetic material of Commanders Tucker and T'Pol in 2155, for the purpose of creating a binary clone, with which to further their agenda of Human superiority.

When Captain Archer decided to lead a small team to infiltrate Paxton's base on Mars, Masaro covertly sabotaged the team's shuttlepod, nearly causing them to crash. Later, when it was discovered that Masaro was the saboteur, he confronted Captain Archer with a phase-pistol. Apologizing to Archer for his actions, Masaro put the phase-pistol to his own head and committed suicide. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

Ensign Masaro was played by actor Josh Holt in "Terra Prime" only.
In the final draft script of "Terra Prime", Masaro was described as "20's, eager.".
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