For the jahSepp who took form of this individual, please see May Ahearn (jahSepp).

May Theresa Ahearn was a Human female who lived in the mid-23rd century. She was described as really meek, but kind of goofy. (DIS: "New Eden", "Point of Light")

Originally from San Francisco, Ahearn was born on April 30, 2236. (DIS: "New Eden")

Ahearn attended Musk Junior High School as part of the class of 2247. She and Sylvia Tilly were friends, and the two often had lunch together, Ahearn referring to Tilly by the nickname "Stilly". She signed Tilly's yearbook, expressing unhappiness at her friend moving again after six months and calling her "the nicest person [she'd] ever met at this awful school." (DIS: "New Eden")

Tilly and Ahearn never spoke again after this. (DIS: "Point of Light") Ahearn died on June 9, 2252. Her friend Tilly learned of her death after encountering what she believed to be a ghost of Ahearn but was really a jahSepp who used her memory in order to communicate with Tilly. (DIS: "New Eden", "An Obol for Charon")

The visual image of May Ahearn was portrayed by Claire Qute.
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