Mazarite ships were a type of starship utilized by the Mazarite High Council's government, which was highly corrupt, during the mid-22nd century. Because the Mazarites of the 2150s were technologically far less advanced than the Vulcans of the same era, several Mazarite ships could easily be outmatched and disabled by a single Vulcan combat cruiser.

Mazarite ships had a maximum speed of at least warp 5. They had deflector shield technology, and the ability to jam other ships' communications technology.

In early 2152, three of these ships chased Enterprise while that vessel was escorting Ambassador V'Lar to Vulcan to offer testimony against the Mazarites' corrupt government. The Mazarite ships were eventually able to catch Enterprise, which docked with one of the Mazarite ships, as the Mazarites were insistent on taking V'Lar back to Mazar.

The sensors on the Mazarite vessels, however, were jammed by Enterprise long enough for the Sh'Raan to arrive and disable the Mazarite ships. After the Vulcan captain threatened to destroy the Mazarite ships if the Mazarites didn't surrender their weapons, the Mazarites complied, and the Sh'Raan was able to return V'Lar to Vulcan. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

The type of weaponry equipped aboard Mazarite ships is not identified in the final version of "Fallen Hero". However, the episode's script referred to the weapons fire from one of the craft as "energy bursts."
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