A Mazarite sidearm

A Mazarite sidearm firing

A Mazarite sidearm was a type of pistol used by Mazarites, specifically Mazarite bodyguards, in the mid-22nd century. The weapons of this type shot blue bolts that had a smaller area of effect compared to other sidearms, as they were more similar to bullet holes.

In February 2152, two Mazarite sidearms were brought aboard the Earth Starfleet ship Enterprise NX-01 by a pair of Mazarite bodyguards. They were each armed with one of the weapons and fired multiple shots from them into Enterprise's imaging chamber, in the ship's sickbay. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

This type of weapon is unnamed on screen; the final draft script of "Fallen Hero" referred to them as "sidearms". In that version of the story, the Mazarite weapons were not fired, however.
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