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Iotian cars

McFadden Street seen in "A Piece of the Action"

The McFadden Street was a backlot on the Paramount Pictures lot before the studio fire on 25 August 1983, which resulted in the destruction of most standing outdoor sets, and later the revamp of the studio facilities.

This backlot served as a filming location for the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "A Piece of the Action", depicting the surface of Sigma Iotia II, including the exteriors of Bela Okmyx's headquarters, and the surrounding city square. Filming took place on Monday 6 November 1967.

Director James Komack commented: "The exterior stuff with the cars going by, bullets going off, and them hitting the ground, and making some kind of reality out of a backlot, was a little more difficult. [The Star Trek company] wasn't really prepared for it. They weren't used to it, and so it was a little slower for me." (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season Two, p. 494)

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