Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po, referred to as "Po", was a Xahean female, born in 2240. In 2257, she was expected to become queen of Xahea.

As a young girl, Po began spending significant amounts of time in the dilithium-rich caves of her world. Her brother, the king of Xahea, taught her about science and technology, while her mother told her to be extraordinary. She claimed that when she was nine, she had built a translator, which she could do in her sleep.

Sometime later, while recovering at home with a hairline fracture of her orbital socket, Po developed and built a dilithium incubator which enabled the re-crystallization of the mineral. The discovery made her world the most politically-relevant in the galaxy, but led the Xahean people to become greedy and corrupt, desperate for warp capability. Po's entreaties that all she wanted was to create something just for her "twin sister", the world she had grown up with, went unheard.

By 2257, both her parents and her brother had died, leaving Po to take on the mantle of queen. However, shortly before her coronation, Po fled Xahea, not feeling ready for the responsibility. A diplomatic hail was sent out, which the Starfleet database classified as "strategically critical". If Po was found, the hail urged that she be kept alive and secure, and that the Xahean Council be contacted. Po made her way to the USS Discovery as a stowaway, where she encountered Ensign Sylvia Tilly with whom she bonded, and explained her predicament. Tilly – unaware of her status – encouraged her to be the person to shepherd her people through the transition, and Po returned to Xahea. (ST: "Runaway")


Appearances Edit

Po was portrayed by Yadira Guevara-Prip.