Mea 3 was a female Eminian citizen of Eminiar VII.

In 2267, she was a delegate for the High Council. In this capacity, she led a small delegation to receive a landing party from the USS Enterprise, that consisted of James T. Kirk, Spock, Yeoman Tamura, and security officers Galloway and Osborne. She escorted them to the High Council, and also warned them they were in grave danger. But before she had a chance to elaborate on that danger, the High Council received them – and Vendikar attacked. That attack included the virtual destruction of the Enterprise, fulfilling Mea's warning, and leading to the imprisonment of the landing party.

Shortly after escaping custody, the landing party encountered Mea again, as she was preparing to perform her socially-mandated duty, and enter a disintegration station. They prevented her from committing suicide, and kept her alive until after Kirk ended the war. Mea was passionate in her defense of the social contract of suicide established to enable her planet and Vendikar to fight their war without damaging the cultures that sustained it. The thought of stepping into a machine that would reduce her to atoms did not faze her, but the thought of real war, and its effects on her society, horrified her. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

Mea 3 was played by Barbara Babcock.
In an interview which aired during the Sci-Fi Channel's first broadcast of the episode, Barbara Babcock stated that Mea was the daughter of Anan 7. [1]
The script's cast list calls her Mea-349, while the rest of the script calls her Mea 3.

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