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Yeoman Mears was a female Human Starfleet enlisted crewman who lived during the mid-23rd century. She served in the operations division aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk, during his historic five-year mission.

In 2267, she recorded an away mission aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo while it collected data on the Murasaki Effect. Mears survived the shuttle crash landing on the planet Taurus II, only receiving "a bump on the head." (TOS: "The Galileo Seven")


Background information

Mears was played by actress Phyllis Douglas.

In the script of "The Galileo Seven", Mears was described as "a pretty, young, fresh-faced girl." In ultimately discarded material from the teleplay, she was to have reacted in revulsion upon seeing one of several anthropoids living on Taurus II, then spoke disapprovingly at Boma suggesting that the creatures likewise probably didn't like the look of the Galileo crewmembers, a statement Mears felt was too "understanding" of Boma.


Mears does not appear in the IDW comics "The Galileo Seven, Part 1" and "The Galileo Seven, Part 2", her place on the mission taken by an alternate reality counterpart of Janice Rand instead. Mears does make an appearance, however, in Agents of Yesterday, the third expansion to Star Trek Online. By 2270, Mears has been promoted to ensign and serves on a Pioneer-class vessel (the 23rd century Starfleet player character's starting ship). Mears joins the landing party during a return trip to Taurus II to rescue survivors of a downed Federation science vessel, and uses her experience from her previous visit to assist the player character and the crash survivors in escaping back to the ship.

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