The medical log was the log utilized by any medical practitioner aboard a Federation starship. At least four entries were made aboard the USS Enterprise-D by its chief medical officer's, Katherine Pulaski and Beverly Crusher.

Entries Edit

2365 Edit

Mission to Gravesworld. (TNG: "The Schizoid Man")

  • "Medical Log, Stardate 42437.5. Ira Graves is arguably the greatest Human mind in the universe. For years he's lived in near isolation on a remote planet, devoting full time to his research. Eight hours ago, we monitored a message from his assistant, urgently requesting medical aid. I only hope we can reach him in time."

Mission to Surata IV. (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

  • "Medical Log, Stardate 42976.3. I can't keep the alien infection from spreading to Commander Riker's brain. Once there, it will kill him by dampening neural impulses. The only way I can keep him alive is to force the neurons to stay active by stimulating them directly with electrical impulses."
  • "Medical Log, Supplemental. Commander Riker's condition is still critical. I've discovered a way to reverse the infection's growth rate but I may be too late."

2366 Edit

Medical report on John Doe. (TNG: "Transfigurations")

2368 Edit

Mysterious comas among the crew. (TNG: "Violations")

  • "Medical Log, Stardate 45431.7. Commander Riker is the second officer who has fallen into an unexplained coma. I have examined the Ullians, and ruled out the possibility that they carry a harmful organism."

2369 Edit

Autopsy of Sev Maylor. (TNG: "Man of the People")

  • "Medical Log, Stardate 46075.1. I have performed an autopsy on Alkar's mother. But instead of answering our questions, the results have created an even deeper mystery."
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