Several log entries were made in the medical officer's log for the USS Enterprise-D.

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2364 Edit

Discovery of Aldea Edit

2365 Edit

Mission to Gagarin IV Edit

  • "Chief Medical Officer's log. This will be my final report to the Enterprise. Just as changes in evolution are known to be caused by changes in the environment we now know the process also works in reverse. An attempt to control Human evolution has resulted in a new species that's lethal to its predecessors. The children will be condemned to live out their lives in isolation. The quarantine of the Darwin Station must be maintained forever."
  • "Chief Medical Officer's log, supplemental. The adults of Darwin Station have been restored to normal health using our transporter. They will remain on Gagarin IV and continue their research in hopes of one day rejoining their children."
  • "Scientists believe no experiment is a failure that even a mistake advances the evolution of understanding. But all achievement has a price. For one brief glimpse at the mysterious blueprint of Human evolution the men and women of the USS Lantree paid with their lives. Their sacrifice is thus noted in this scientist's log." (TNG: "Unnatural Selection")

2367 Edit

  • "Chief medical officer's log, stardate 44161.2: We are docking at Starbase 133 for scheduled crew rotation. I look forward to welcoming aboard my mentor and dear friend, Doctor Dalen Quaice, who will be traveling with us to his home planet, Kenda II."(TNG: "Remember Me")

2368 Edit

2369 Edit

Investigation at Relay Station 47 Edit

  • "Medical Officer's Log. I've isolated the cellular residue from the deckplate, but the DNA has destabilized. I'm attempting to reform it."

Relieved of duty Edit

  • "Chief Medical Officer's Log, Personal, Stardate 46830.1. I'll be leaving the ship tomorrow to attend the board of inquiry. That means I have less than 24 hours to get to the bottom of this mystery."
  • "Chief Medical Officer's Log, Stardate 46831.2. I have been reinstated and I will be resuming my duties shortly. In the meantime, I have a personal matter to attend to." (TNG: "Suspicions")
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