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Melik Malkasian is the actor who played the shaman in the Star Trek: Voyager sixth season episode "Blink of an Eye".

In the 1993 movie Subculture, he portrayed Eddie and also contributed the music. Other credits inlcude the comedy Bloody Mary (1996), the science fiction film Total Reality (1997, with Ken Olandt, Geof Prysirr, and Bob Morrisey), the comedy Anoosh of the Airways (1999), the drama Blast (2000, with Ed Lauter and Tracey Walter), the television movie Operation Sandman (2000, starring Ron Perlman), the short film The Auteur (2002), the comedy Film Geek (2005), the comedy The Auteur (2008) (based on the previous short film) and the film Rid of Me (2011). He has also worked as a previsualization artist on several films for The Third Floor.

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