Date:  01/20/98 10:57:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Boze65          

Hi.  Just wanted to chime in (as I do every few months) and address your
concerns about this episode.  First of all, the Omega Directive fits in nicely
with established Trek canon.  In fact, it plays off it and uses it in a very
dramatic fashion.  The Directive is meant to be controversial.  Janeway knows
it and the crew knows it.  That's what makes for an exciting hour of
television.  Someone pointed out the parallels to a TNG show called "The
Pegasus," and they are right in doing so:  Starfleet does not always make the
right decisions for the right reasons.  It's up to our heroes to ultimately
make the right moral choice.

Secondly, this is not a story, ultimately, about a substance.  It's not about
Janeway following a directive or not.  It's not about science and the
hackneyed concept of whether or not we should cross the line and explore what
should not be explored.  It is about, in the end, religion.  Seven of Nine, we
reveal, has an interest in Omega that borders on religious obsession.  To her,
Omega represents "Perfection."  And in this way, we explore themes of religion
in an unexpected way.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sometimes, these premature discussions of the episode -- and the ensuing
insults -- get way off track.  Please keep that in mind before judging the
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