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STFC Deb:  Hello, everyone!  Welcome to Trek Chat with our very special
guest, Deep Space Nine Co-Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore! Assisting Mr.
Moore tonight will be myself and STFC BoP.  We're staff members of America
Online's Star Trek Forum Club, which provides both open and moderated Trek
chats, scheduled trivia games, and lots of message boards. The Trek Forum can
be found at Keyword: Trek!


STFC Deb:  Ron began his Star Trek career by selling a spec script for The
Next Generation. Soon he became a staff writer and supervising producer
before that show ended. Ron then moved on to Deep Space Nine, where he is now
Co-Executive Producer!

STFC Deb:  Ron, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat
with us!  Welcome!


RonDMoore:  Thank you and it's a genuine pleasure to be here.

STFC Deb:  Before we begin taking questions, perhaps you can fill us in on
what's in store for DS9's next season?

RonDMoore:  We begin shooting the season premiere - "A Time to Stand"
tomorrow!! We're all really excited about this season and especially the
on-going War against the Dominion.


STFC Deb:  Great! And will this episode wrap up the war with the Dominion?


RonDMoore:  The War won't be wrapped up in the first episode.  It will run
for a while and with a lot of interesting story lines along the way.


STFC Deb:  After last season's cliffhanger, I'm sure we're all looking
forward to it!

RonDMoore:  My first script will be the second episode of the year - "Rocks
and Shoals."

STFC Deb:  Any sneak peeks for us, Ron?


RonDMoore:  All I can say is that you'll see some very interesting stuff on
both the Defiant and DS9... er, Terok Nor before the end of the war.

STFC Deb:  Can't wait for the new season to start! Now, let's take some

STFC BoP:  OK! Our first question is from someone who wants to know...

Question:  Good sir, to start us off, would you give us a quick description
of the episode "The Bonding"?...we all know it, but not necessarily by the
title, and being your is significant.


RonDMoore:  "Bonding" was a 3rd season TNG episode that dealt with a young
boy whose mother is killed during an Away mission and is then orphaned on the

STFC Deb:  I remember that this episode ended with Worf more or less
adopting the orphan. Great episode!

STFC Deb:  Do we have another question?

STFC BoP:  The next question is from ButterDJ!

Question:  Which set did you have more fun working on? Generations or First

RonDMoore:  The First Contact set!  Everything was more relaxed and fun the
second time around. On Generations, everyone was very tense and very tired --
TNG had literally just ended and no one was fully rested when Generations got
underway.  By contrast, the First Contact set was lively and fun and there
was a sense of the family coming back together rather than having been
together for too long.

STFC Deb:  BoP, what's the next question?

STFC BoP:  Our next question is from Marc 324!

Question:  This is probably the question that everyone is asking, but is
this next season of DS9 the last?


RonDMoore:  It's still up in the air.  We're not going to know officially
for MONTHS, so everyone just get comfy and try not to get too worked up over
rumors one way or the other.


STFC Deb:  Good advice, Ron.   :) Next question?

STFC BoP:  OK, here's BOOBOOCATO's question!

Question:  Ron, I noticed that in your credits are some of the best
Worf/Troi episodes.  How do you feel about the decision to end this


RonDMoore:  I think there was little choice once we brought Worf onto DS9.
 There was no way it could continue with Worf on the station and we didn't
want to get bogged down in a huge expositional story about the breakup, so we
just let it happen off-camera.  Personally, as much as I liked Worf/Troi in
concept, it never quite gelled on screen the way that the Worf/Dax
relationship has, so overall the end of Worf/Troi is a good thing. 


STFC Deb:  I know a lot of fans who agree with you, Ron. What's our next

STFC BoP:  Antigone3 asks an interesting question!

Question:  What is the most challenging part of your career? 


RonDMoore:  Getting in was certainly the biggest hurdle, as it was for any
novice.  I got very, very, very, very, lucky to get my break when I did.
 Since then, the challenge has been to continue to grow and develop in my
craft.  I've tried to make every script better than the last with varying
degrees of success).  The challenge of the actual work never really stops,
and that's what keeps the job interesting and invigorating.  I love my job.


STFC Deb:  BoP, who's next?

STFC BoP:  Let's get this one out of the way, Ron- HOLLY2HOP wants to

Question:  On submissions: do you want to see spec scripts or a story
synopsis?  And, will you accept agent submissions?


RonDMoore:  At the moment we accept ONLY complete teleplays (scripts)
submitted either with an official Paramount release form (call 213-956-8301)
or through an accredited agent. The policy is under review at the moment and
could change, so if you're going to submit something to the show, I'd do it


STFC Deb:  Good advice again. Next question?

STFC BoP:  Tomarken is wondering...

Question:  Ron - - Thanks for your cyber-participation tonight.  What are
your thoughts on the future of the Star Trek franchise beyond DS9 and
Voyager?  Are we nearing the end?

RonDMoore:  It's hard to say.  The Trek franchise has no precedent to
follow, so no one can say where it could or should go.  Who could've
suspected it would last this long?  It could fade away, be revitalized with a
new series, fade away then come back -- it's all guesswork. Star Trek is
unique and those who have declared it dead before have been wrong many times
in the past.


STFC Deb:  Let's hope for a long and healthy life.  :) Next question,

STFC BoP:  TonyLuzzi has an intriguing double question!

Question:  What is the best thing about the Star Trek universe...  In both
the 20th and 24th Century?


RonDMoore:  The best thing in the 24th century (as a writer) is the variety
of Trek.  What I've been able to do in my tenure, is to write everything from
romances to hospital dramas, to courtroom battles, to space battles, to
family melodrama, to 60s spy thrillers!  Trek is a very versatile and
flexible format for the scribe and it's a fun place to park your keyboard.
 In the 20th century, Trek to me has always been FUN.  That is uppermost.  

RonDMoore:  It's a fun place to spend an hour of your time.  It can
entertain you, make you think, make you cry, even make you mad as hell and
throw things at the TV when you disagree with us. But boy is it fun... and
boy wouldn't life be just a little sadder without it?


STFC Deb:  Ron, anything you haven't done within the Trek Universe that
you'd like to tackle?

RonDMoore:  Every time I think of something, we manage to do it!  No kidding
-- I'd always wanted to write a "Bond" movie.  Done it.  Always wanted to
write a series of war-based stories in Trek.  Doing it.  Wanted to do a
courtroom drama.  Done it.  I have things that I still want to do, and I'm
still hoping that we'll get a chance to do them.


STFC Deb:  We hope so too! Next question, please?

STFC BoP:  BTW, we currently have over 750 questions in the Queue. I cannot
guarantee we can get to all of them. :D Jethawks ask...

Question:  Jake's character continues to grow and develop--much better than
other young people in television series who grow older.  How tough has it
been to integrate him into the story lines? 


RonDMoore:  It has gotten easier as he got older and as the writers got more
comfortable with his character.  Until we hit on Jake as a writer (in "The
Abandoned" as I recall) we didn't really have a role for him within the
context of the show.  No one wanted to go down the Wesley Crusher
Super-Genius road again, and it just took a while to find Jake's niche on the


STFC Deb:  Next question?

STFC BoP:  Narb flick wonders,

Question:  Ron, can you address the latest rumor--will Andy Robinson (Garak)
be joining the regular cast this season? 


RonDMoore:  Andy will not be joining the cast as a regular, but will be
featured in several episodes.


STFC Deb:  BoP, who's next?

STFC BoP:  Ok, this one HAD to be asked! P48506 asks,

Question:  boxers or briefs?

RonDMoore:  Boxers and thanks for caring...


STFC Deb:  Now that we all know THAT....  :)  Next question for Ron?

STFC BoP:  Worf2DS9 asks this question- not sure why HE'D be interested :D

Question:  Having overseen many of Worf's finest moments, are you happy with
the way the character has developed over the years, and is there anything
you'd like to do with him now to further his development? 


RonDMoore:  I've been happy to see the changes in the character since he was
brought onto DS9 -- I think we ran the danger of "de-fanging" Worf by the end
of TNG and there's been a concerted effort made to roughen him up and give
him some sharper edges.  He's more likely to err now, more likely to do the
wrong thing for the wrong reason... I think that makes him more interesting
as a character and more compelling to write for. 


STFC Deb:  Lucky he has Dax to keep him on the right path.... Next question?

STFC BoP:  MLMartin would like to ask,

Question:  What can we expect for Kai Winn and Weyoun this coming season? 


RonDMoore:  I'm not sure what the next step will be for the Kai (don't
worry, we won't forget about her) but I do know that Weyoun will be on Terok
Nor, uncomfortably sharing power with Elmo Dukat.  


STFC Deb:  Elmo?  I won't even ask!  :D Next question, Elmo BoP?   ;)

RonDMoore:  It's always been his first name.  You didn't know that?

STFC BoP:  CBoudr is curious...

Question:  how do you like making a weekly event? such interesting


RonDMoore:  I'm sorry, I don't quite understand the question...

STFC BoP:  I guess he is wondering how you like producing such an
interesting show... one with so many great characters?


RonDMoore:  Oh.  I think the strength of the show lies in the many
characters that make up our family.  Everyone from Sisko to Morn has a place
in the DS9 pantheon and as a writer that makes for an interesting place to
concoct tales, because you've always got someone else to turn to in a scene,
someone else to contribute something from out of left field.


STFC Deb:  Next question, please?

STFC BoP:  OK, I've seen this one go by about 20 times, so let's deal with
it, Ron- DefiantXOX et al asks...

Question:  What were the names of the Other two Defiant class ships in the
fleet in "A Call to Arms", and why were they brought in?


RonDMoore:  We haven't named them (not officially, maybe the VFX guys have).
 We wanted to show a variety of ships in the Fed/Klingon fleet and so we just
decided that the Fed was now cranking out Defiant-class vessels based on
Sisko's recommendations to SF Command.


STFC Deb:  Next question?

STFC BoP:  TScarecrow addresses a frequent question tonight also-

Question:  Will we be seeing any further material dealing with the 'Mirror

RonDMoore:  Yes.  In fact, we were working on it today.   It'll be written
by Michael Taylor, who you may remember from "The Visitor" and "Things Past"
and it'll probably be in the first dozen shows.


STFC Deb:  Great!

STFC Deb:  Last question for Ron tonight.....

STFC BoP:  Ron, tonight's last question comes from you! Answer the question
nobody asked tonight but you wish they had!

RonDMoore:  What's the best part of your job?

STFC BoP:  (That was probably question #47)

RonDMoore:  I get to sit in a room and make up stories about a childhood
fantasy.  Up on my shelf at this very moment is a model of the Enterprise I
built when I was 12 years old.  It stays up to remind me of that special joy
that Trek gave me when I was young and to inspire me to deliver it to
everyone watching every week just like I did all those years ago.  

RonDMoore:  For the privilege of embroidering on this tapestry started by
Gene I will always be grateful, just as I am to all of you who continue to
watch and enjoy and let me do what I do best: Sit around and talk about
Klingons all day.

STFC Deb:  Regretfully, our time is just about up! I'd like to thank you all
for attending tonight, and thanks to AOL for letting us present this event to
you in the Coliseum! But special "Thanks!" to Ron Moore for being here to
answer all your questions!

STFC Deb:  If we did not get to your question tonight, you can post it at
Keyword:Trek --> Star Trek Message Boards --> The Promenade --> "Ask Ron D
Moore"  folder. He's on his 20th folder now, and we've just released ALL his
previous Answers in the Record Banks in one concise folder. You may want to
download that!

STFC Deb:  While in the Trek Forum, check out TRIVIA OPS and consider
submitting your 10 Favorite Trek episodes in our special fan poll! May you
all Walk with the Prophets!

STFC Deb:  Good night audience, Good night Ron, Good night BoP!

RonDMoore:  Good night everyone!

STFC BoP: Good night, all!

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STFC B0P:	Welcome Ron :)

STFC Deb:	Hi Ron! Welcome to the Bridge!

STFC Randy:	Great job, Ron!

STFC WAH:	IMHO, a great job answering questions

RonDMoore:	Thanks everyone.  It was fun.

DefiantXOX:	Ron, one question: Borg, yes or no

STFC Deb:	We can't thank you enough for joining us tonight, Ron.

RonDMoore:	Borg - no.

Gorn1701:	Ron, Ent E at the end of call to arms or not?

RonDMoore:	No Ent-E at end of Call to Arms

STFC WAH:	Ron, are there any spoilers you can give us at this point besides
what you said in the chat?

RonDMoore:	You can look forward to Worf and Dax's marriage, some surprises
on Terok Nor, and some VERY interesting things in store for Elmo Dukat.

STFC Randy:	Let's not overwhelm Ron with questions, especially about

STFC WAH:	Is his name really Elmo?

Gorn1701:	ELMO!! Hail Elmo!

DefiantXOX:	LOL at Elmo Dukat

Kahvis:	Ron, I'll send you $5 if you really use that as his first name...

STFC B0P:	WAH...actually, BoP isn't here.   I'm BoP's alter ego, Deebz. ;>

Rodaan:	Ron, is there any hope for a Nagus tale this season...oh, please say

RonDMoore:	The bidding has begun at $5... do I hear $10?

STFC WAH:	Deebz, u want to?  We seem to need it.

STFC B0P:	STARTING QUEUE.  Type ? if you have a question for Ron.

STFC WAH:	Folks, please .. let's follow a protocol procedure

StevenTrek:	?

SusieQ2000:	$50

Kahless:	??

DeeanaTroi:	Ron, you gotta come here more often!!!

STFC WAH:	Please wait until you are called on, okay?

RonDMoore:	I feel like I've just caused a riot...

AdmiralOdo:	nice chat back there

STFC Deb:	Let's not overwhelm Ron. He's done his bit for King and country
already tonight.

STFC B0P:	Que:  Steven, Kahless

DefiantXOX:	Ron, would you tell me how they managed to squeeze 10 miranda
class ships out of a supply of 2?


RonDMoore:	Miranda classes are freeze-dried and need only water.

DeeanaTroi:	?

Queued 2:	?

StevenTrek:	Ron, Are there any new shows in Development for after DS9 or

STFC WAH:	If you wish to ask a question, please type ? and you will be
called on in turn

DefiantXOX:	?

USSHood:	?

DeeanaTroi:	Ron, I have to go. Thank you for a WONDERFUL chat!!! Bye

RonDMoore:	There are no series currently in the pipeline post Voyager/DS9.

Rodaan:	?

FounderVen:	?

STFC B0P:	Que:  Kahless, Wesley, Randy, Deeana, Defiant, USSHood, Rodaan,
FounderVan <closed>

Kahless:	Ron thanks for coming here. Was the ENterprise part of the fleet on

RonDMoore:	Ent-E was not in the fleet.

Kahless:	:-) Thank you

STFC WAH:	BoP, where are we in the que?

STFC B0P:	Que: Wesley, Randy, Deeana, Defiant, USSHood, Rodaan,  FounderVan

WesleyL354:	Is the Cardassian/Dominion alliance going to stay intact?

RonDMoore:	Wesley -- Yes, for the foreseeable future.

STFC B0P:	Que: Randy, Deeana, Defiant, USSHood, Rodaan, FounderVan <closed>

STFC B0P:	Randy's up.

DeeanaTroi:	Ron took time out of his busy schedule so lets show him respect.

STFC Randy:	Who's next to get teamed up with Garak?  Dax?  Weyoun?  Kai

RonDMoore:	There's some Garak/Nog stuff coming up in my show (number 2)

STFC B0P:	Que: Randy, Deeana, Defiant, USSHood, Rodaan, FounderVan, EnsCone,

STFC Randy:	Cool!  Thanks, Ron!

Guinan74:	Hey everyone!  Man the Conference room is FULL tonight!

STFC B0P:	Deanna is up.

DeeanaTroi:	Do you have an estimate of how many ships were in that fleet in
"A Call to Arms?"

STFC WAH:	Guinan, we have Ronald D. Moore with us right now.

Guinan74:	What is going on?

STFC WAH:	We are asking him questions.. have a seat and listen in!

RonDMoore:	Deeana -- we don't have an estimate on the number in the fleet --
however, we do not believe that it was the ONLY fleet forming to fight
against the Dominion from SF.

STFC Randy:	Everybody stay cool.  We'll get to as many as we can.

DeeanaTroi:	Thank you Mr Moore.

STFC B0P:	Que: Defiant, USSHood, Rodaan, FounderVan, EnsCone,  Admiral Odo,
Buzzard, Muppet<closed>

STFC B0P:	Defiant is up.

DefiantXOX:	In my friend's words: "are you going to tantalize us with the
destruction of the wormhole?"

RonDMoore:	Defiant -- anything is possible.  Hey, man, I gotta keep some

STFC WAH:	Please, folks.. follow the protocol

Shambellle:	?

STFC B0P:	Que:USSHood, Rodaan, FounderVan, EnsCone,  Admiral Odo,  Buzzard,

STFC B0P:	USSHood is up.

USSHood:	will Dax approve of the klingon marriage ceremony?

RonDMoore:	Haven't worked out the details of the ceremony yet.

STFC B0P:	Que:Rodaan, FounderVan, EnsCone,  Admiral Odo,  Buzzard,

USSHood:	thank you Ron!

STFC B0P:	Rodaan is up

Rodaan:	Will Alexander Roshenko and/or Troi attend the wedding of Worf and

RonDMoore:	Not sure who'll be at the wedding yet.  But there's a VERY good
chance you'll be seeing Alex Rozhenko this year...

STFC B0P:	Que:FounderVan, EnsCone,  Admiral Odo,  Buzzard, Muppet,Shambelle,

STFC B0P:	FounderVan is up

FounderVen:	Mr. Moore, Will The Romulans join the Federation/Klingon task
force.. Or the Dominon?

ShadoDragn:	?

DilberTrek:	?

RonDMoore:	No plans for the Roms one way or the other yet.

STFC B0P:	Que:EnsCone,  Admiral Odo,  Buzzard, Muppet,Shambelle,
Prowler,ShadoDragn, Dilber, <closed>

FounderVen:	Thank you....

STFC B0P:	EnsCone is up.


RonDMoore:	No TNG/DS9 episode is being contemplated.

STFC B0P:	Que:Admiral Odo,  Buzzard, Muppet,Shambelle, Prowler,ShadoDragn,
Dilber, <closed>


DeeanaTroi:	Please everyone, be polite. Imagine you are at a fancy dinner

STFC B0P:	Admiral Odo is up.

AdmiralOdo:	Mr. Moore, I was wondering if any major DS9 characters would be
killed or taken off the show next season?

STFC WAH:	Folks, we have Ronald D. Moore with us.. please have a seat and
listen to him answer the questions in the queue.

RonDMoore:	No one is planned to be killed yet.  But if they so much as look
at me wrong on the set.....

StevenTrek:	LOL Ron

MaCleodDcn:	LOL

DilberTrek:	LMAO Ron!!

TREKgirl2:	lol


STFC Randy:	LOL!

AdmiralOdo:	LOL

FounderVen:	LOL

Kahless:	LMAO RON

Natali2908:	LOL


Muppet999:	lol

SusieQ2000:	LOL

Alltrek:	lol

DeeanaTroi:	ROFL Ron

DefiantXOX:	LOL Ron!

DOwen1701:	:)

Moogie72:	Lol

STFC B0P:	Que:Buzzard, Muppet,Shambelle, Prowler,ShadoDragn, Dilber,
StevenTrek, Wesley<closed>

STFC B0P:	Buzzard is up

STFC WAH:	Please, folks, stick to the protocol

DeeanaTroi:	Mr Moore, it was an honor to meet you. Goodbye all!!

Buzzard65:	Kind Sir, What wasyour first Star Trek experience -Episode, and
what did you think?

RonDMoore:	My first Trek experience?  Ah, I remember her well, she was
dressed like Shana and...


Buzzard65:	lol

ApolloK727:	lmao!

TREKgirl2:	hehe

MaCleodDcn:	LOL

EnsCone:	LOL

Muppet999:	lol

FounderVen:	::hisses::

DOwen1701:	LOL

STFC Randy:	Ah, the Shanna bit.  I remember it well.

STFC Deb:	Ahem...."Family Service"?  ;)

STFC WAH:	Folks, Ronald D. Moore is with us and answering questions.

STFC B0P:	Que:Muppet,Shambelle, Prowler,ShadoDragn, Evil,Dilber, StevenTrek,
Wesley, Alltrek, <closed>

STFC B0P:	Muppet is up

STFC WAH:	In order to ask a question, type ? to be placed in the queue. Then
want to be called on, PLEASE

Muppet999:	Mr Moore, I was wondering why you backed out of writing Star Trek

RonDMoore:	I just decided that it was too soon for me to start writing
another TNG feature.  I felt like I had just finished working on FC and if I
was going to do a 3rd one that it would have to be better than FC and I
wasn't ready to do that yet.  Michael Piller will do a great job.

STFC Randy:	Just be patient, folks, and we'll get to as many as we can.

STFC B0P:	Que:,Shambelle, Prowler,ShadoDragn, EvilK,Dilber, StevenTrek,
Wesley, Alltrek, AdmOdo<closed>

STFC B0P:	Shambelle is up

Shambellle:	Sisko has yet to have his back against the wall like
Picard(borg) or others.When will he?

RonDMoore:	Getting kicked off his own station was pretty bad.  Things'll
only get worse for Sisko in the war.

STFC B0P:	Que: Prowler,ShadoDragn, EvilKira ,Dilber, StevenTrek, Wesley,
Alltrek, AdmOdo<closed>

STFC B0P:	Prowler is up

STFC WAH:	Prowler has gone

STFC B0P:	ShadoDragn is next.

ShadoDragn:	Mr. Moore, Will DS9 jump on the movie bandwagon like TNG?

STFC B0P:	Folks, if you've asked one question, I'm not putting you back in
the queue.  I'm sure Ron would like to get out of here before midnight. ;>

STFC Randy:	It's bound to be a little crazy with 47 Star Trek fans in one
room, but relax.

RonDMoore:	Hard to say.  That's up to the folks at Paramount.   Right now,
we don't even know if there's going to be a 7th year or not.

STFC B0P:	Que: EvilKira ,Dilber, StevenTrek, Wesley, Alltrek, AdmOdo<closed>

STFC B0P:	EvilKira's up.

EvilKira:	After the fantastic reception of Trials & Tribs, would you
consider another cross-Trek ep?

RonDMoore:	It would be nice -- but we'd have to have a GREAT idea in order
to go that way again.  I doubt we'll ever do another "Forest Gump" type show,

STFC B0P:	Que: Dilber, StevenTrek, Wesley, Alltrek, AdmOdo, Wuher909,
Queued2, Omegous<closed>

STFC B0P:	Dilber's up next

EvilKira:	Thanks!  :>

DilberTrek:	Mr. Moore, I just wanted to say thanks for coming out first of
all.  Second, do you think there will be a 10th film?  If so, would you like
to work on it?

RonDMoore:	A 10th film will depend on how the 9th film does.  It's hard to
say what I'll be doing then, but I'd certainly consider it.

STFC B0P:	Que: StevenTrek, Wesley, Alltrek, AdmOdo, Wuher909, Queued2,
Omegous, EvilPicard, TwoBricks <closed>


STFC B0P:	Steven is up next.

StevenTrek:	Ron, Do the Cardassians still have the goal of reconquering
Bajor? If so will this strain their relationship with the Dominion?

RonDMoore:	The Cardies definitely still have their eyes on Bajor and this
may cause tension in the relationship with their new buddies, the Dominion.

STFC B0P:	Que:Wesley, Alltrek, AdmOdo, Wuher909, Queued2, Omegous,
EvilPicard, TwoBricks<closed>

STFC B0P:	Wesley is up next.

WesleyL354:	What characters from TNG, if any, will we be likely to see in
coming episodes?

RonDMoore:	There are no plans for TNG characters on DS9 at the moment.

STFC B0P:	Que:Alltrek, AdmOdo, Wuher909, Queued2, Omegous, EvilPicard,
TwoBricks, Gorn1701<closed>

STFC B0P:	Alltrek is up next.

WesleyL354:	thanks Mr. Moore! Bye everyone!

Alltrek:	Mr.  Moore thank you for your contribution to Trek.. I have often
thought the series shoud be inter- connected TNG and dDS9 as this leaves more
undiscovered countries to explore. Your opinion, sir?

STFC WAH:	If you have had your question listed in the que, you do not need
to keep typing ?

RonDMoore:	Uh.  Sure.  The continuity is great. Two more questions.

STFC B0P:	Que:AdmOdo, Wuher909, <closed>

STFC B0P:	AdmOdo is up.

AdmiralOdo:	I was wondering if there were any plans for the Enterprise E to
be in a DS9 episode?

RonDMoore:	No plans for the Ent-E on DS9.

RonDMoore:	Two more.

STFC B0P:	Wuher, you're up


RonDMoore:	Write what you have a passion for, write a story YOU want to see,
don't try to 2nd guess us.

RonDMoore:	last one.

STFC B0P:	Omegous you're up.  <last question>

Omegous:	Ron...when writng Star Trek episodes what is the most difficult
part? Like in Call to Arms?

RonDMoore:	The most difficult part is to make it fresh and different and
unique compared to the shows that have been written before.  There's a lot of
Trek out there and it's not easy to keep coming up with new adventures week
after week.

STFC WAH:	Thanks, Ron!  Great job, as always!

StevenTrek:	Ron, Thank you for coming, It was a real pleasure talking to you

Muppet999:	Thank you Mr Moore. Say hi to everyone on DS9 for me

Omegous:	Wanted to ask all night! Have nice night Mr Moore!

DilberTrek:	--> Thank you SO MUCH for coming out tonight and putting up with
some of us, Ron! <--

MaCleodDcn:	Thank you Ron

TREKgirl2:	Mr. Moore, thanks for taking the time to be here. :)

RonDMoore:	Okay, thanks everyone and I'll be seeing you 'round the Ask Ron
Folder.  Good-night
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