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Date:  2/25/97 2:49:35 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<So, you're recasting [Ziyal] AGAIN?>>

No, I said that we haven't made any decision about this and that it will
depend on what we want to do with the character the next time we use her.

<<Felicia Bell's character pretty well stated rather emphatically (in the
last Crossover ep) that she had never had a child with her Ben which is why
she was so taken with our Jake. So I don't see how Mirror Jake could exist?>>

This is something I've been puzzling out a bit myself, but I personally would
like to find a rationalization for a Mirror Jake existing because I think he
could be a cool character.  It's just something to think about.  NO
SUGGESTIONS PLEASE -- this is the kind of thing we have to work out on our

<<How will the founders react to Odo getting his powers back?  If the Bashir
changeling was there when it happened, then they must already know about it.
 Will they change him back into a human again?>>

Darn fine questions.  I have no answers yet.

<<can you tell us what episodes are coming up? >>

After "Dr. Bashir I Presume" are:

"A Simple Investigation" -- Odo tries to solve a complex mystery involving an
unusual woman.

"Business as Usual" -- Quark's cousin Gaila shows up and makes him an offer
he can't refuse.

"Ties of Blood and Water" -- Ghemor (the Cardassian who mistook Kira for his
daughter in Second  Skin) comes to the station with a difficult request for

"Of Love and Profit" -- Quark returns to Feringinar to spend time with Moogie
and finds out something surprising about the Grand Nagus.

"Soldiers of the Empire" -- General Martok commands a Bird of Prey with Worf
as First Officer and Dax as Science Officer.

"Children of Time" -- The Defiant discovers a civilization in the Gamma
Quadrant with surprising ties to our crew.

"An Untitled Sisko/Eddington show"

"An Untitled O'Brien/Garak show"

<<In the Original series episode "Plato's Stepchildren" it was established
that when the susbstance kyronide is ingested by most huminoids, the results
are telekinetic powers. Perhaps it's time to reintroduce this substance on
DS9 - think of what an effective defense against the changelings it would
make! And perhaps enough telekenetic minds working together could push away a
starship -- what a great defense against the Borg!>>

The company that produced kyronide has gone out of business and Kirk mislaid
the map to Platonious during a drunken bachelor party he hosted in his

<<Is there any hope of seeing Tosk or his pursurers again?>>

This comes up from time to time in our story meetings.  We don't have
anything on the board for Tosk or the Hunters at the moment, but you never

<<Are we ever going to see Kira/Keiko/Bashir address the fact that the
changling delivered the baby?>>

Technically, he didn't actually deliver the baby (the Bajoran midwife did)
but I think we're going to try to work in a reference to Changeling Bashir's
involvement somewhere.

<< It was good to see some Romulan involvement in the latest DS9 episode.
 Can we expect more from this intriguing race in future episodes of DS9 than
we have been treated to in recent seasons? >>

Maybe, but nothing planned.

<<Is there any possibility that Mr. Spock will show up on DS9?>>

This is extremely unlikely.  Let me rephrase that -- EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.
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Date:  2/25/97 8:50:53 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

Time...is on my side.... yes it is....

<<A lot of people here love Garak as a character, including myself. Any
chance that he'll be added to the list of main characters for Season 6?>>

I don't think so.

<<Someone with the screen name "BMB47" posted in the "Threshold-Yes or No"
folder claiming to be Brannon Braga...Is that him? Isn't that a different
screen name than the one he was using a couple months ago? >>

I don't think so.  As far as I know, Brannon's screen name is BB4747.

<<Do you ever watch Babylon 5?  What are your feelings on the show?>>

I saw one or two episodes early on, but I haven't seen it since the first
season, so I really can't comment on it.  

<<Has there ever been a serious consideration for using the Guardian of
Forever in an episode?  What are your feelings for reincarnating the Guardian

We discussed it at one point, but decided against it and we won't be seeing
the Guardian on DS9.

<<Any chance we'll ever see Sela?>>

I strongly doubt it -- her backstory would take waaaay too long to explain to
the uninitiated.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  2/25/97 9:48:01 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

A correction:  Brannon IS using BMB47 as a screen name.  Sorry, but sometimes
it's hard to keep up with the crafty little devil.

<< I remember a couple of years ago, there was an episode (the title escapes
me) in which a certain Vedek (whose name also escapes me) came to the station
warning of the prophecy of the 3 vipers that will return to their nest in the
sky.  At the end of the episode, the Vedek states that one of the prophecies
of the Emissary is that he will face a fiery trial.  Will we see a follow up
to this?  Is the coming Dominion War this trial?>>

As I recall, the 3 vipers mentioned in the episode were attributed to the 3
Cardassian women that came aboard the station (returning to their "nest" as
it were).  The fiery trial, I believe was a reference to the fiery passage
through the wormhole that Sisko took at the climax.

<< I have heard of the possibility of a partnership with Imax, to produce a
film made solely for use in Imax theaters, if this is so, is it likely you
will end up writing or co-writing it?>>

I'm not involved in this project and I'm not sure if they've named a writer
or not.

<<what of the Horta and Tribbles?>>

The Horta would be pretty costly to do right -- the old look wouldn't really
fly today, we'd probably have to do something with computer animation in
order to buy it.  The Tribbles may crop up, but we haven't done it so far.

<<"Second Skin" is one of my favorite episodes and I am glad there will be a
sequel type episode.  Who's writing it?>>

Robert Wolfe is writing this one based on a story by Edmund Newton & Robbin
L. Slocum.
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