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Date:  3/4/97 8:05:46 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Did Doctor Bashir deliberately miss the question on the medical final?>>

I think the reasons stated in "Distant Voices" still apply -- he consciously
or subconsciously blew the final question because he didn't want to be the
valedictorian.  Now whether that's because he still retained some
overly-cautious attitudes about the revelation of his genetic background (I
think he probably was careful throughout his life never to be TOO brilliant)
or whether it was something more complex and related to his self-view as
related to his parents and his own percieved failings is certainly open to

<<Ron, when you write, do you ever worry about if the VFX in your script can
be acheived? 
For example, in First Contact, did you write that great pullback from
Picard's eye through the massive Borg ship thinking that ILM might not be
able to do it and that you would have to rewrite that part?>>

My concern is usually whether or not there's enough money available to do the
visual effects rather than whether they can be done.  Ninety-nine times out
of a hundred, the visual effects guys will say, "Yeah, we can do that.... but
it'll cost you," regarding any elaborate sequence that I've put into a
script.  That was the answer on the big pull-back in FC -- sure they could do
it, but did we have enough money to do it right?  Very seldom do I find
something that is simply not do-able with today's technology and

<<Do you ever read the Nit Pickers guide? >>

I read through the first one they did for TNG.  It was fun, but I was a
little disappointed that they didn't have nearly as many errors and screw-ups
as I knew about!  I was hoping for things that had slipped even my attention
(this is not a plea for you to now start showering me with errors, thank

<<What's your take on the great legal debate [over Dr. Bashir here on the
boards]?  Is this more than you can bear?  Instructive? >>

It's interesting, but it's not really the focus of the episode for me.  The
legal system of the Federation is not the US system and we like to keep it
vague enough so that it'll serve the needs of our stories.  Could the
Starfleet JAG really make a plea bargain with Bashir's parents?  Yes, because
I say so.  That's how it works.  There is no Federation Legal Guide to
consult and I don't want one.  This is not "Deep Space Law," and as long as
we're generally consistant about the forms and procedures of the Federation
legal system, I'm not that concerned that technically this or that point
would not work in a "real" court of law -- this is a FICTIONAL legal sytem.  

As far as the question of whether or not it's right for the Federation to
"punish" Bashir for the crimes of his parents, my position was that the
prohibition against genetically enhanced humans entering the Academy or Med
School was like any other entrance requirement.  Bashir's parents knew about
it and decided to get around it by altering their son and in so doing they
disqualified him from enrollment.  The rule against allowing genetically
enhanced humans into the Academy was meant to be one of the methods of
strongly discouraging people from continuing the practice of genetically
engineering the human species.

The JAG's acceptance of the plea bargain was meant to cut off a long and very
public fight in the Federation courts over the issue of genetic enhancements
-- something that Starfleet and the Federation would like to avoid given how
many other problems they're faced with at the moment.

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Date:  3/4/97 8:21:44 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<My question to you is how come everyone in Star Trek is super smart?  I
would like to see more normal people like Pappa Bashir.>>

I agree with you and I'm glad that DS9 has dealt with many of the less than
"perfect" humans of the 24th century.  Bashir's father is an interesting
character to me because it says that while we may have solved many of the
obvious problems in the future, it's still possible to fail and to be a
failure. That means we have to struggle and work to better ourselves and that
means we'll continue to grow and evolve.  We haven't dealt with a lot of
humans who aren't in Starfleet because the Fleet and the people in it are are
really the focus of the show.  As a result, not a lot of work has gone into
developing a social or political context in which to place civilian humanity.
 It would be interesting, but it's really not what Star Trek is about.

<<Do you have children?  Do you like children?>>

I have a 13 year-old son named Jonathan who lives with his mother (a
wonderful woman I'm still very good friends with) in Clovis (just outside of
Fresno) and yes, I like kids very much.

<<If the show does end after season six   :-(   what would the chances be for
a DS9 movie? has this been brought up at all?>>

There has been NO discussion that I know of on this point.

<<Is there anyone else on the DS9 or Voyager staff that [does Q&A on the
internet] as well as yourself?>>

Robert Wolfe does Q&A in the Star Trek Newsgroups on Usenet, but he's the
only one that I'm aware of who does it consistantly.  Other people do crop up
from time to time.

<<Alright Ron settle a $50 bet for me.  I say Tim Russ was in the background
on Enterprise-E as an assimilated member of the crew.  One of my friends
agree one is willing to bet the cash.  What is the deal?  Yes or no? >>

You should ask your friend if he'd like you to pay him by check or cash.

<<Now that the Klingons are on the right side again, what is Worf's status
with Gowron and the Empire? Martok's backing should help him. And what about
Kurn? Will Worf hunt him down to try and restore his memory? >>

Martok and Worf's standing with the Klingons will be addressed in "Soldiers
of the Empire."  The question of Kurn may or may not be dealt with next

<<Why on TNG episode titles like "Q Who" and "Who Watches the Wacthers"  are
there no question marks at the end of them?  This problem also occured just
recently with "Doctor Bashir, I Persume" on DS9.>>

Darn fine question and I don't know either.  The question mark was there on
my script, but when the titles were put on the show it was missing.  I
suspect it's a preference by either Peter Lauritson, the Supervising Producer
in charge of Post Production or by Rick Berman who's in charge of everything.

<<Remember the season 3 episode "The Die is Cast"?  Well, that episode
introduced an experimental little prototype device which supposedly emitted a
quantum stasis field or something like that to prevent changelings from
shapeshifting.  Apparently, it worked on Odo, and yes, I know it was probably
destroyed by the Dominion, and yes, I know it was a prototype so it was
probably the only one, but is there any possibility that another one could be
constructed, or perhaps mass produced as a VERY effective defense against the

Well, this is certainly something we could do, but I'd rather not.  I think
the Changelings are scary and effective right now because we DON'T have a
weapon to use against them and I'd like to keep it that way for now.  Our
thinking at the moment is that the device seen in "Die" was the only one in

<<I like the way the relationship of these two characters [Worf and Dax] are
going.  Last season they were pals, this season, they became "Par-mochi".
 Will there be any chance Alexander will visit DS9 or Deanna Troi since we
didn't see a resolve of their relationship on TNG?>>

I like the way the relationship is going too.  But we have no plans for Troi
or Alexander in the near future.
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Date:  3/4/97 8:23:07 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<While watching reruns of DS9 the other day another question came to mind.
 In the episode "Battle Lines",(where Kai Opaka is killed but then lives and
has to remain on the planet) the Kai speaks to O'Brien as she is entering the
air lock, to board a shuttle to go to the Gamma Quadrant.  She says something
`like "You have a daughter."  O'Brien says yes and sink that this will ever
be elaborated upon in any future episode?>>

This comes up from time to time in our story meetings, but at the moment we
don't have any plans to follow up on this.  But you never know...
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