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Date:  3/5/97 8:11:58 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<[On the Paramount Tour we] got to see some of the sets (e.g. Fraiser,
Clueless) and it was very interesting.  We did not get to see any of the Star
Trek stages, however.  I know you don't run the tour dept., but is there a
reason for keeping the tours out of the Trek stages?>>

The Trek stages have always been off-limits.  Unlike a sitcom, our stages are
not set-up to accomodate large numbers of visitors.  Our soundstages are
littered with equipment, cables, props, lights, etc., all of which pose a
danger to the unwary and could also be damaged by the incautious.  During
filming, visitors are particularly discouraged because of the enormous
distraction they can cause to the actors.  Also, there is the huge fan
interest in the series which could tempt the unscrupulous to pilfer anything
not nailed down (which has happened on more than one occasion already).
 However, some of the tour guides have been known to bring a lucky group onto
a Trek soundstage when they are under-going renovation, or when the
circumstances are right, so there's always the chance that you'll get a peek
at the 24th century, but I wouldn't count on it.

<<You may have answered this already, but how did the transporter identify
Worf, Bashir, et al at the end of "Inferno"? They weren't wearing

I think that Garak programmed the transporter to beam out anyone who wasn't a
Jem'Hadar or a Vorta within a given area.

<<Finally, have you followed the debate in the "For the Uniform" folder over
Sisko's actions? Comments?>>

I've looked in from time to time.  For my comments, I'll refer you to the Ask
Ron folder VIII in the archive, where I defended the morality of Sisko's
actions in this episode.

<<Do you know that the Station has a inherent limitation on the size of the
ships that can dock?  Why do the Pylons curve inward?  If the Pylons curved
outward any size ship could dock, but the way the station is set up it does
not look like two Galaxy Class Starships could dock in the upper or lower
pylons at the same time. Did you guys think about this when designing the

The shape and design of the station was determined by the Cardassians, who
presumably shaped it to meet the needs of their own ships and were not
concerned about the number of Galaxy-class ships able to dock at once.

<<Does DS9 rotate.  Sometime the stars in windows move, and sometimes they
don't.     If the station rotates, why? >>

There is a slight rotation to the station and my only guess is that O'Brien
likes the view from his bedroom window to keep changing.

<<How does Quark stay out of prison?>>

This is one of Quark's many talents and he has always managed to keep one
step ahead of Odo and out of prison for a long time.

<<Did you know that in the Closed Captioning for "Sanctuary" that when the
Skrreeans get off the ship, and move to the Promenade the subtitle reads:
 "This is great!"  "This is Incredible", "This is petty far out"  "Dig this
Place"  Was this DS9 staff's doing, or the people that add the CC?>>

This would be something those wacky guys down at CC did.  Aren't they cute?

<<Whats up with the 47?  It shows up in so many shows.  There is Outpost 47
or 47 dart wins in a row of O'Brian, PaDD 4747 gets around DS9 too.>>

Joe Menosky started the whole 47 thing.  He seems to believe that it is the
number that controls the destiny of the universe or is the number of his high
school locker, he's not sure which.

<< I don't know if you are at all involved in this, but how do shows get
chosen for reruns?... Also, will "Trials and tribbleations" ever be rerun?>>

The rerun schedule is determined by the studio and I don't have anything to
do with it.  I believe that "T&T" won't be rerun again until late in the
summer, just before the season premiere (which would hopefully get people to
tune in and then do it again for the premiere).
Subj:  Answers
Date:  3/5/97 8:38:05 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Could you tell us a little about Jimmy Diggs?  I remember his name from
Voyager's "The Swarm" and now he did both stories for this past week's
Voyager and DS9.   Is he being groomed to become a Trek staff writer?  How
much input does the originator of the story have?  Do you work together on
the script?>>

Jimmy is a very talented man who was once a WGA intern for us.  After his
internship, he pitched and sold several stories to both DS9 and Voyager.  At
the moment, Jimmy is working on several projects, but there isn't a staff
writer position open at the moment.  The role of the freelance writer really
depends on a lot of factors like timing, whether the writer is selling a
story or a teleplay, his/her talent, the production requirements, his/her
experience, etc., so the amount of participation in the process can vary

<<Ron, is there any chance DS9 could end up on UPN some day?>>

No.  DS9 is committed to the syndicated market through the end of its run.

<<One thing that we've noticed about O'Brien is that he's been in Starfleet
for 22 years for quite a long time.  I think he first said it in "Realm of
Fear" and then he said it five years later in "Rules of Engagement." Is this
just in the writiers bible and no one has bothered to update it? Also, how
did an ancestor of the very Irish O'Brien end up in a coal strike in

O'Brien's personal history is definitely a bit confusing, owing to the fact
that his character germinated in the TNG background for a long time.  When I
wrote "Rules" I sat down and tried to figure out the time he'd been in the
service and 22 years seemed about right.  I missed the reference in "Realm"
due in part to the fact that the reference guide I was using was the 1st
edition of the Trek Chronology, which did not cover that episode.  As for his
ancestor being in Pennsylvania during a coal strike -- hey, we Irish get

<<Can you please explain (to someone who digs DS9 but has TOTALLY lost track
of the politics)what's what  on DS9?>>

Okay, once around the galaxy:  

The Dominion is in the Gamma Quadrant.  It is run by the Founders
(Changelings).  The Vorta serve the Founders and do the day to day business,
including control of the Jem'Hadar, who are the genetically engineered
soldiers of the Dominion.

The Cardassian Empire has joined the Dominion under the leadership of Gul

The Klingons broke the Khitomer accords when the Federation refused to
support them in a war against Cardassia.  When Cardassia joined the Dominion,
they started kicking the Klingons' butts and now they have made nice with the
Federation again and reinstated the Khitomer accords.

The Bajorans were offered membership in the Federation, but turned it down on
the advice of the Emissary (Sisko), who was receiving visions from the
Prophets which told him it would be a mistake.

The Romulans joined the Klingons and the Federation in a Combined Fleet to
oppose a threatened Dominion invasion, but there is no treaty with them at
this time.

Morn is now President of the Federation.
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