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Date:  3/31/97 3:11:37 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<will the enterprise-e be making an appearance in ds9?>>

No and I doubt that it ever will.

<<So why do the airheaded "be the audience" things always have to be
portrayed by the women?  Frankly Sisko [in Trials & Tribble-ations] could
have just as easiliy been written into this part and it wouldn't have come
across as being quite so sexist.  I mean you already had Dax in the beehive
hairdo and mini-skirt.  You could have left her a LITTLE dignity?>>

If you look at the episode a little more carefully, you'll see Sisko waiting
around to get Kirk's autograph, O'Brien trying to send "Kirk" a drink, Worf
freaking out over a tribble, Bashir worrying about falling in love with his
ancestor and lots of other "airhead" moments that are actually part of the
charm and fun of the show.  Dax was not singled out, nor was she demeaned by
being "the audience" for the episode and her character is actually the most
charming and delightful in the show.

<<Since you are no working on the next TNG picture is the rumor then true
about Brent Spiner working on the next picture?>>

Although a new writer(s) has not been set, I very much doubt that it will be
Brent, and I have never even heard that he was a possibility.

<<Does this mean that Paramount has asked you or Brannon to do the next TNG
film in some manner or was it that they expressed an interest in yous two(I'm
from NYC.... sue me!) to do it?>>

I became aware that Paramount and Rick Berman were discussing the next movie
a few weeks ago and that they were ready to put the film into pre-production
and begin developing the script immediately.  I had been thinking about what
I would do in that circumstance for quite some time and so when it happened,
I was prepared to bow out.  Rick was extremely gracious and said he
completely understood my reasons and I wished him well with the movie.

<<Why did Dax get a promotion at the start of the season?>>

Dax was promoted last year and she stepped up in rank because we didn't want
Worf to outrank her.

<<Do you think doing a IMAX film is a good idea?>>

I'm curious to see what it'll be like.  I have no idea if this is a good
thing or not.

<<I've meant to say this for a long time, but while I was very, very angry
with how Kira was treated last season, I am grateful that you listened to the
fans who complained and admitted here that you paid attention to what was
being said.  I respect you for telling us that.  The change has shown in the
Kira based episodes after Par'Mach, which I have to admit I hated.  (I should
note that I didn't entirely hate Par'Mach.  The Quark and Grilka story was
very good, as was the Dax and Worf story, until the sexual violence started.)
 That episode was the absolute nadir for Kira.>>

Funny, I thought the Kira/O'Brien storyline in "par'Mach" was one of the more
honest emotional stories we've told between two regular characters.  In fact,
I think of that story as a little gem in an episode that didn't quite gel
otherwise.  Also, I think I should point out that I've never really bought
into the notion that Kira was "demeaned" last season.  The fact that I did
have that criticism in my mind while I was writing "Darkness & the Light"
shouldn't be taken as evidence that I agreed with that criticism.  Likewise
the new "Dax is a bimbo girlfriend" criticism also rings hollow to me.  As
I've said before, these characters should be viewed in the larger context of
the series and not on the basis of a single scene or episode.  We try to show
different facets of the characters in different shows, not just the same
character traits over and over again.  So last season Kira was a little
"softer" in some scenes than the year before?  So what?  Does that change who
she is?  Does that eliminate her past?  Did that make it impossible to do a
show like "Darkness" which highlighted a "harder" edge to her character?  Of
course not.  
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Date:  3/31/97 3:30:34 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<I ran into the "Friends of Vedik Bariel" fan club. I seem to remember an
instance in the AOL Trek board (But I can't remember where) that since Kai
Opacka <sp> made an appearence as a "Prophet" in the wormhole could the same
happen for Bariel or a possible flashback ep. dealing with the departed

I wouldn't hold my breath.

<<How is Odo not in a Bajoran Prison somewhere?  He WORKED for the
cardassians, and as we learned in the past, all Cardassian Colaborators are

Odo was considered to have been a man of honor and justice during a difficult
time by the Bajorans.   He was thought to have been the one man not touched
by the horrors of the Occupation until the events in "Things Past" were

<<Is there a cheif of Starfleet security on DS9 now, to replace Commander

No.  Odo is now chief of all security operations on DS9 as he was before
Eddington's arrival.

<<Anything outside of the Trek universe coming up for you?>>

Like everyone else in this town, I've got personal projects and scripts that
I want to produce, but nothing has been firmly lined up outside Trek as yet.
 I'm interested in doing non-SF next, preferably an historical bio-pic a la
"Patton" or "Braveheart" would be my preference in feature work.  On the
other hand, I thoroughly enjoy working on a TV staff, so with any luck I'll
someday get a chance to write and exec-produce my own show which would be
ultra groovy.

<<Hey Ron I noticed that there hasn't been a commodore on Star Trek since the
original series. Is there any specific reason for this? Also do you know if
the maquis were named after a real resistence group?>>

There seems to be a feeling around here that "commodore" conjures up images
of a yachting enthusiast with too much money and too little brain.
 Personally, I like the term and have tried to work it in scripts now and
again, but to no avail.  The Maquis, I believe, we named after a group or
French Resistance fighters in WWII.

<<Dax is being defined by her relationship with Worf to the exclusion of all
other sides of her personality. >>

I see no evidence of this since we continue to play the Dax/Sisko
relationship, the Dax/Kira friendship, and even the Dax/Quark friendship this
season and none of those are even remotely defined by her romance with Worf.
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Date:  3/31/97 5:55:27 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<It was reported last week that Rick Berman had signed a large deal with
Paramount to form his own production company to produce feature films and
television outside of Trek.  My question is what does this mean for his
continued involvement with Trek as overall Exec. producer?>>

Rick will continue as Exec Producer on both DS9 & Voyager as well as produce
the next TNG film.  How he manages to do it all is a mystery, but he's always
found a way.

<<how do you feel about Paramount making plans for the next film now?>>

Personally, I wish they had waited a year or so because I would've liked to
have been involved.  But my personal creative problems can't determine the
course of how Paramount schedules its movies and it's not up to me to decide
the time frame alloted to these pictures.  If the writer(s) they employ have
the creative fire and energy to get the project off the ground and make a
good story, no one will question the wisdom of doing another film this soon.
 Time will tell.

<<What's up with Jake?>>

I'm working on a Jake & Nog show right now that'll be episode #25.  We also
have some interesting plans for Jake next season which will begin in this
year's season finale... which is going to be really cool....
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