Subj:  Answers
Date:  4/18/97 10:48:34 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Why was Barclay told to eliminate the living characters from his program?
 Why?  What are the rules of holodeck use?  How is the Holodeck any different
from a personal diary?  Why aren't the holodeck fantasies considered

I always thought this was a ridiculous notion.  You should be able to go down
to the Holodeck and conjure up anything you like, after all it's YOUR program
and you should have the right to do whatever you want. For some reason,
Michael seemed to feel at the time that it was an "invasion of privacy" for
living people to be recreated on the Holodeck and that was the basis of
Barclay's problem in "Hollow Pursuits".  We've kind of dropped this notion
since then and I don't think we'd say it's illegal or immoral today.

<<Will Ziyal be appearing again this season?>>

Yes.  She's in the season finale.

<<Any chance of seeing who gets picked to be the LMH next season?>>

I don't think so, but I won't say absolutely not.

<<In the submission guidelines, in the sample script page from a Voyager
script (and I'm assuming DS9 and Voyager use the same format), there is a
line that looks like this:


Am I correct in assuming that this refers to one of many different ways to
display the ship as a scene transition?  What are the other acceptible
formats, what are the differences between them (i.e. why would I want to use
on over another), and what are the economic concerns involved?  If I submit
the script with a simple "EXT.  SPACE  -  VOYAGER," will the parameter be
taken care of, or is it something I should concern myself with?>>

The line you've exerpted is called a slug line.  The numbers on either margin
indicate the scene number and are used for production purposes in scheduling,
budgeting, etc.  You do not have to concern yourself with numbering the
scenes for a spec script.  A slug line usually need only indicate: 
a) interior (INT.) or exterior (EXT.)
b) Name of the set or location (BRIDGE, PLANET SURFACE, SPACE) 
c) a scene specific modifier ( EXT. SPACE - VOYAGER,  INT. SISKO'S QUARTERS -
d) DAY or NIGHT (obviously skipped for the most part in Trek unless you're on
a planet)  EXT. PLANET SURFACE - DAY.  

Numbering the scenes and indicating whether or not a scene contains an
optical effect (EXT. SPACE - DEFIANT (OPTICAL) ) is something we would take
care of and you shouldn't worry about.

A "transition" falls in the right hand margin and is usually "CUT TO:"  or
"DISSOLVE TO:"  or  "FADE OUT."  You can find more information on proper
script formats in almost any bookstore by looking in the Film and Television
section -- there are many books with the formating rules.  

<<Why did the Regent's Lady adversery not try to kill Quark along with Gala
and the other Arms dealer?  He was involved as far as she knows.>>

Quark may yet be on that list, or she may have simply concentrated only on
the people who were actually in the room when the latinum hit the fan.

<<Will we ever see a baseball GAME again on DS9? >>

Possibly.  We've talked about doing this several times.

<<We the line "We are of Bajor, you are of Bajor"  that the Wormhole aliens
said to Sisko  ever be explained.  Do you have a plan for that, or was it
just a throwaway line.>>

We have some ideas....

<<Any chance of Worf making some kind of throwaway comment about what the
Enterprise E is doing?>>


<<When coming up with Dominion epsidoes do you ever worry that people will
start to get sick of them, with so many episodes being centered around them,
or having them off to the side?>>

We always try to keep a good mix of shows throughout the season so that
there's an interesting variety of characters and races.  We like the
Dominion, but we don't want them to be the sole adversaries.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  4/18/97 11:11:16 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Will we  be seeing any more CHanglings around?  In starfleet?  And is it
you current contention that the Blood tests DO NOT work.>>

We will definitely be seeing more Changelings next year.  The blood tests
have proven ineffective against them.

<< I was looking at the website of a script-selling company, and amongst
their DS9 scripts, they have a script called, "Here's Looking at You."  Was
this script never produced, or was it produced under a different name?  Or is
it a complete fake?>>

That is one of the early titles for "Profit and Loss" and is probably a
boot-leg first draft.

<<Some agents (likfe AFH) require the writer to send a page describing
themselves along with their script and one-liner.  What do you suggest I put
on this page?>>

I'm afraid this is where I have to leave you to your own devices.  Put down
what YOU think is best.

<< I'm also a little bothered by the fact that My Show has turned on me, I'm
used to that from others. Cleary Trek will not tolerate my views, or at least
that is message they are sending.>>

Well, look -- if you insist on identifying with the Essentialists and seeing
our treatment of them as a slam against your conservative beliefs there's
nothing I can do to stop you.  The show was (supposed to be anyway) a lighter
episode and we didn't set out to do a weighty examination of the issues
raised by the Essentialists, so yes their views were not treated with a vast
amount of respect.  If you can't shrug it off and move on, that's a shame,
but I'm not going to apologize for failing to give the Essentialists their
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