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Date:  5/5/97 3:05:08 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<what to my man, Livingston the Lionfish. I just have to know!!!  Did he go
the way of a filet-o-fish when the Enterprise-D bit the dust or is he alive
and well in the Ent.-E's ready room?>>

I think he made it through the crash somehow, someway and is now living
comfortably in  the Starfleet Pet Retirement Home.

<<Do you have some sort of home theatre set up at home and, if you do, do
keep copies of personal favorite episodes that you or your collegues penned
for home screening??? >>

I have a pretty groovy home theatre set-up and I have copies of all the
episodes on tape and/or laserdisc.  Dig that surround sound.

<<Just out of curiosity, can you share some of your ideas as to what you
would want the next Trek movie to be about and who would it involve?>>

Part of the reason that I bowed out of the project was that I didn't have ANY
ideas for the next film.  My only wish is that the characters begin to change
and evolve in the features and that they start breaking some new and
interesting ground -- which gives Rick and Michael a LOT of leeway.

<< How do they work on the music for the show?  Is it usually left up to the
composer or ?  How do they choose the composers?>>

The composers are chosen by Rick and Steve Oster.  They see a rough cut of
the episode with the producers and are talked through it with notes on what
is desired and where, and then they go off on their own and write the score.
 Typically, the composer also conducts the orchestra during the actual

<<Thank God someone finally put their finger on it--Kirk's death (and the
D's) as a metaphor for Berman shoving Roddenberry out of Trek!  Beautiful.>>

Drat!  You've seen through our cleverly disguised Master Plan.  There's
nothing that gives us more pleasure than to spit on the franchise that feeds
us and to glorify ourselves at the expense of those who've gone before.  We
thought you'd be content with just bitching about what incompetant boobs we
are and leave it at that, but no, you've managed to put your finger on our
evil plan!  We certainly would never try to do our best creative work, we
would only use our position to advance our own vile plans for the destruction
of Gene's universe.  Every change we've made from the uniforms to the music
to the color of Riker's underwear has been done only in the service of that
nefarious goal!  Now that you're onto us I guess we better get in back our
black helicopter and return to our secret redoubt in the Rockies where we can
work on hatching more insidious schemes -- maybe flouridation in the water
this time!

<<What is Mike Piller up to?  Is he working in the Hart Building or
independantly at another location?  And is the ANY scoop on it yet?>>

Michael is hard at work in the same secret redoubt in the Rockies.  There's
no word on the storyline yet.

<<I'm aware that creative story structure and creative directing are two
seperate things, my questions is don't you think episodes become more
exciting when they break the mold?>>

Absolutely and I don't mean to suggest that I'm opposed to experimentation
and playing with different styles, I just think that we shouldn't completely
change the look of the show.

<<Why then do both Trek shows hold back from using stirring, emotional
scores?  It seems that for the most part the music is rather atonal and dull.
 It's improved over the years, and any time David Bell scores a show, the
difference is dramatic., but why does this happen?  Is it intentional? >>

Music is one of the areas in which I have very little input.  I share your
feelings and have often complained about our overly restrained scores.  This
one is out of my hands.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  5/5/97 3:07:33 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<So, what exactly are you writers up to right now?  Are you only discussing
the general direction of Season 6, or have you begun discussing specific
episodes as well?  Have any season 6 episodes actually begun entering script
stage now or if not, then when?>>

We're discussing both the general direction and the first ten episodes, but
none of them are actually being written yet.  We're outta here at the end of
next week, so right now we're still decompressing from the end of season 5
and not killing ourselves yet.  When we get back in mid-June, we'll begin
writing again.

Gotta go.  More later.

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