Subj:  Answers
Date:  6/23/97 23:26:00
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Will Dr. Geiger's device somehow expose a flaw in the Voorta or Jem

Dr. Geiger's Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Chamber has much higher
aspirations than helping the Federation against the Dominion -- he's after
immortality itself!!

<< Have you ever read any of the Star Trek books that Pocket puts out (like,
you have time really...), if so do you have a favorite book or author?>>

I haven't read any in many years (no offense, John), but I remember liking
Diane Duane's work very much (she's also a very gracious and wonderful human

<<Have you any thoughts on whether or not you would do any more convention

I don't have any plans to do them in the near future.

<<And what about Naomi, err- Tom Riker? >>

Still no plans for Tom.

<<I wonder if I could get a reaction from you on excerpt from a recent
NEWSWEEK article on Babylon 5.  The following is a quote from B5 creator J.Mic
hael Straczynski talking about B5:

"It was a five year long epic set on a massive space station at the hub of a
galactic war, with stories about stuff that makes the "Star Trek" writers
cower: religion, homosexuality the media, politics....">>

I'd rather not get into a shouting match with JMS (even one by proxy).  I
don't watch his show and it's clear from this statement that he doesn't watch

<<Do you own a laserdisc player, and if so, did you view First Contact yet?
 Are you satisfied with the transfer?  >>

I do own a player, but I haven't gotten a First Contact disc yet.  I'll let
you know what I think.

<<You mentioned working on episode #2 for next season.  How much can you tell
us about the beginning of season six at this point?  Any crumbs?>>

I'd rather not say anything beyond telling you that things won't be wrapped
up in a hurry and that we're all REALLY excited about season 6.

<<The Dominion are obviously a
threat, and certainly a formidable enemy.  My question is, where's the
Enterprise?  This seems like exactly the type of confrontation that would
merit the presence of the flagship, as well as the best starship crew of the
24th century.  I realize that in the real world, you couldn't get the cast of
TNG, but wouldn't it make sense that they would be there?>>

Presumably the Enterprise-E is in the thick of things, but not in our neck of
the woods and I wouldn't be looking for any appearances in the war against
the Dominion.

<< is the upcoming season indeed the last?>>

Still no definitive word -- and I wouldn't expect one for quite some time.

<<Will the Klingons (the most intersting fictional race in all si-fi) play a
major role in the upcoming season?>>


<<any plans for a DeepSpace9/Star Trek NG Movie#3 tie in?>>


<<are you planning to tie up the Dominion storyline by this time next year?>>

Don't know.

<<Ron dear, is there any possibility of a romance or something for Bashir
other than holo-chicks?  Seems like it would bring up some more of the
genetic enhancement issue in terms of what kind of children he would produce.
 Would his kids be enhanced also, or possibly have some of the same
difficulties that he came into the world with?>>

Well sweetie, we don't have any plans for a Bashir romance at the moment, but
you never know.  The issue of his (possible) children and their need for
enhancement is an interesting one... not sure what the answer is until we
work on that problem.

<<I'm just a bit curious as to whether or not there are any Romulan stories
planned for this upcoming season.  Apart from the brief glimpse in "By
Inferno's Light" I haven't seen much of them as of late.  Do you think the
Romulans are still worth using?>>

We've started talking about the role of the Romulans in the Dominion War, but
nothing has really been decided yet.  We haven't used them for a while
because we haven't had a good story for them.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  6/23/97 23:48:52
From:  RonDMoore       

<<The final scene with the Defiant and the Bird of Prey swooping around to ren
dezvous with two prominently featured Galaxy-class starships amidst a hoard
of Federation and Klingon ships was a nice touch to a very enjoyable season
finale.  Was this a product of the writing staff or the visual effects crew,
or both?>>

Both.  The script called for a massive fleet, Ira & Robert discussed the shot
at length with the VFX department, but it was up to them to come through in
the end, and they did so with flying colors.

<<By the way, Nog's line in the preceding episode -- "Lions, Geigers, Bears"
-- clever!  Did you already have that line in mind when naming Geiger?>>

Nope.  Geiger actually had a different name throughout my first draft until I
came to that particular scene.  I was working on the dialog and wanted Nog to
express his frustration with the whole escapade... I threw in the "beard the
lion in its den" line for Jake... that led to the classic Oz line popping
into my head... I realized I'd just set up the "lions"... Kukalaka had
already set up the "bears"... and it was a short step from there to change
the Doctor's name (I don't remember what it was, sorry) to Geiger and make
the whole thing work.  I grinned to myself and knew it was one of the most
outrageous lines I'd ever tried to get away with.  And that made me love it.

<<Is there an offical This-Is-Canon map of DS9? And if so, where can I get a

Unfortunately, no, there is not.

<<On the Rick Berman folder, there could be almost a hundred people who would
like to see Robert Urich (from Spencer for Hire) be a  guest on the show, and
interact with Avery Brooks. Is there anything you can do about this?>>

We have discussed have Urich on the show and there's a chance we may do it
this year.

<<Now that things have changed so drastically on DS9 with the season finale,
and with the sixth season possibly being the last, will the opening title
sequence of the show change next season?>>

It's an interesting idea, but we have no plans to change the main title

<<You may remember that you assured me you would restore some of that
character development Dukat's fans are so eager to see, and yet "Call to
Arms" has narrowed his options so drastically that the most logical
resolution I can see at the moment is to kill him off.  When that happens, of
course, I will save lots of money on videotape, since I won't have the heart
to watch DS9 any longer.  >>

As I've said before, we see Dukat as a Villain, but a complex and three
dimensional one.  His actions in "Call to Arms" are perfectly consistant with
everything we've shown you before, but must be viewed in the *overall*
context.  Dukat has never made any bones about his wanting to get *his*
station back or that Cardassia should rise up again to regain its "rightful"
place in the galaxy.  Dukat also believe that Bajor should belong to
Cardassia and he's never backed off that position.  Is he attracted to Kira?
 Yes.  Does he also hate her?  Yes.  Are the two feelings contradictory?
 Yes.  And No.  He can want her and hate her all at the same time -- that's
an element of his complexity.  The same holds true for his feelings about
Sisko (respect and contempt) and the Dominion (glad they're restoring
Cardassia, angry they're calling the shots).  Dukat is still Dukat.

<<Ron, can you tell is if everything you set up in the finale is going to
resolved in the first episode or two, or was this something you and the
writing staff want to play with for at least the first several episodes?>>

The wrap-up to the war isn't going to be fast.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  6/24/97 00:08:04
From:  RonDMoore       

<<I think you're speaking of Susanne Lambdin and Bryan Stewart, who got a
"based in part on a premise by" credit on "Family," written by..... Ronald D.
Moore.  From what I remember from the STARLOG article, they had written a
spec script in which Wesley interacted with his father via a holo-program.
 They claimed credit for this part of the story that was in "Family," and won
the arbitration.... however, it seems to me, the last time I saw "Family" in
reruns, Ron was the only one with an on screen credit -- perhaps there was an
appeal? >>

Here's the real story:  I read the spec by Susanne and Bryan that was
centered around Wesley getting a holodeck message from his dead father.  I
liked the idea, but not the story itself and wanted to use that concept in
the script I was starting to work on, "Family."  I sold Michael Piller on the
idea and we then bought the *Premise* from Susanne and Bryan.  A "Premise" is
exactly what it sounds like -- an idea, a notion, a concept, but not a story.
 Indeed, I used nothing from their actual teleplay except the *idea* that
Wesley gets a holodeck message from Jack during my episode.  Susanne and
Bryan were paid and received the credit "based in part on a premise by" at
the end of the show.  

WGA rules require that any time a writer on the staff of a series is sharing
credit with a freelance writer for any reason that the matter be submitted to
an automatic arbitration by the Guild.  I don't know if Susanne and Bryan
argued in their statements to the Guild for more credit (you're not allowed
to see the other writers' statements in an arbitration) but I doubt it since
I find it hard to believe that they thought they should share Story credit on
something that they truly didn't have any input into.  Bottom line:  they
sold a premise, were fairly compensated for it, and recieved the appropriate

<<Are we going to be seeing more Bajoran episodes in season 6? >>


<<Ron, there is another  internship available through the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences which is based on merit.  I know a few white
males under 30 who were awarded that internship and went on to get jobs at
Paramount and other studios.  It is only the WGA internship that has limited
admissions standards.>>

This is absolutely correct and I should've mentioned it before -- thanks for
the reminder.  Brannon was an intern on TNG through the TV Academy's program.

<<I know you didn't write "Call to Arms", but do you know if Sisko's
departing speech was deliberately done to resemble Douglas MacArthur's
departing speech to the Philippines during WWII? >>

I don't think anyone actually looked up MacArthur's speech, but we were
definitely inspired by it in concept and it's "I Shall Return" proclamation.

<<What is [Robert Wolfe] working on now that he's left the series?  Is it
possible that he may have another script or two in him for DS9?>>

Robert just finished work on a big-budget sci-fi movie called "Splicers" and
is currently working on a TV movie having to do with futuristic sports.
 There's always a chance he'll do more for DS9, but I think he's pretty busy
for now.

<<Were there any new types of ships shown [in the season finale]?  If so how
many new models were designed and will we see them up close?  I did not see
any Nebula or Ambassador class ships.  Is there a reason for this?>>

I don't know what the exact ships were that were used in the shot.  The work
was done by VFX while we were all on vacation, and none of us even saw the
opticals until we saw the finished episode.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  6/24/97 00:14:31
From:  RonDMoore       

<<are you guys working with any general ballpark figure for the size of this
fleet or is the descriptive term merely "pretty doggone big"?  I'd love to
see some clue as to what percentage of Starfleet ships resources this
represents ... my guess would be between 1/3 and 1/2, at least.>>

I don't think we'll be providing a specific number -- it locks us into
something that is best left vague.  I also should say that we don't think of
the fleet that the Defiant joined as being the *only* fleet.  Think about
THAT for a minute....

<<Was that little bit between Nog and Jake a response to fans about the
"baffling" economic system that Earth apparently exists in in Star Trek?>>

No, that was a response to my own "bafflement" of the Fed economic system and
it's a direct riff on Picard's line to Lily in First Contact.  

<<Why did Dr. Geiger buy that box in the auction? What was in it that was so
Important that it was worth 10 Bars of latinum?>>

There was a (presumably rare) Cardassian transtator in that particular lot.

<< I'm curious as to Sisko's reference to Starfleet's unwillingness to send
extra reinforcements, hinting at other conflicts in the Alpha quadrant.>>

Starfleet couldn't send the reinforcements because they had their hands full
with the attack on the Dominion shipyards.
Subj:  Political Answers
Date:  6/24/97 01:17:32
From:  RonDMoore       

If you're sick of the politics, then just move on to the next message...

<<Did you  ever give it any thought that all this political fighting started
when you were asked a question about speaker Gingrich and gave a vulgar
response to the posters question. For someone with great talent as yourself
and creates these stories I am sure you sit back and about what you are
writing. You should have kept tour political pov to yourself.  I happen to be
a republican and found what you said offensive.  My cousin is secretary of
The US Treasury and I have enough common sense never to discuss politics with

Your post about Mr., Franken's book was obvious that even a narrow mined
liberal could see right though it. SO, perhaps that the political argument
has begun you could answer some question for me? What are you feelings on the
Paula Jones case? She told people about it 10 minutes after it happened.
 Unlike Anita Hill who followed C. Thomas around for 10 years so she could
feed of his success.  What are your feelings about the Illegal fundraising by
the clinton's and the democrats.  Do you approve of them selling access to
the White House and giving political favors to foreign nations(this have been
proven in such news organizations as CNN, NY Times and the Washington Post)
 Do you approve of the Democrats refusing to give immunity to witnesses that
could damage or destroy the President and the DNC.  What are you feelings on
Democratic Rep.  McDermitt from Seattle getting his hands on an illegally
taped telephone conversations between Republicans and leaking it to the NY
Times? As the king of Siam says etc,etc,etc.>>

Look, someone asked me a question about Gingrich and I answered it.  I'm not
trying to use this board as a political soapbox for me and my politcal
opinions, but I sure as hell aren't going to hide them either.  Sorry you
were offended by the Gingrich jab, but it was also a one-line barb, not a
diatribe.  (As I recall, it went something like -- Question: "Do you think
Newt Gingrich should step down as Speaker?"  Answer: "Pushed or shoved would
be nice".  Rimshot, please.)

You want my opinion on Clinton, Jones, the DNC, etc.?  Okay.  How's this: I
find most of the above to be over-hyped trivia that threatens the Republic
only in the way it has debased the currency of popular debate about serious
issues in this country.  Excuse me if I don't think that the question of
whether or not the Governor of Arkansas made a pass at someone a LONG time
ago is right up there with the Watergate-era query, "What did the President
know and when did he know it?" as one of the burning questions of our time.
 As for the DNC and the fact that they're selling access for donations, my
response is NO KIDDING.  Gee, and I thought all those big donations for the
RNC and the DNC from multi-millionaires and corporations were done out of a
sense of civic pride and responsibility.  

I find the whole notion that any of this stuff is as serious as Watergate or
Iran-Contra to be laughable.  I mean, come on -- Waterwater, "Travel-gate",
Paula Jones, and Al Gore's phone calls *combined* don't equal breaking into
Democratic headquarters, or breaking into Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's
office, or using the IRS to go after your enemies, or telling the American
people that there's "no coverup" while you're trying to use the CIA to
obstruct the Justice Department, or running guns to the Contras in a
deliberate violation of the expressed will of Congress, or running a shadow
government out of the White House basement!

The fact that we spend so much of our time endlessly debating the
misadventures of the Clinton White House and the Clinton State House is a
testament to how much we have grown to love scandal -- any scandal, no matter
how mind-numbingly pointless or irrelevant.  We're becoming a tabloid society
right before our very eyes and that deeply saddens me.  On the other hand,
maybe it's just an indication of how well-off we must be in this country that
we have the time and... (cont.)
Subj:  Political (cont.)
Date:  6/24/97 01:17:36
From:  RonDMoore       

... (cont.).... energy to waste on such things as how much Hilary made in the
stock market or what the billing practices at the Rose Law Firm were or who
hired the guy that might've done something wrong with somebody's FBI file
(although we don't know what that was or who might've been affected or...
what was the question again?)

I like the President, but I'll be the first to tell you that I think he
should be criticized too -- but for things like botching universal health
care and then abandoning it, for settling for a welfare reform bill he claims
to dislike in order to play it safe in the '96 campaign, for waffling and
doing backflips on his policy toward China, for wasting time and lives on an
incoherent Bosnia policy until the Dayton Accords, and most damningly of all
for not having the courage of his convictions and being willing to take the
politcal heat on matters of principle.

Take him on for the issues that matter, not for the supermarket tabloid trash
that has spilled out of the grocery line and onto the nations radio airwaves.

Thus endeth the political diatribe I'm sure you've all been so eager to
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