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Date:  7/11/97 19:20:57
From:  RonDMoore       

Okay, I know I'm skipping a few questions, but I had to start somewhere and
one week ago seems like as good a place as any.  The volume in here gets
pretty intimidating, so if I've passed over your particular query, just
re-post it and I'll *try* to get to it.  Thank you for your patience and

<<Who comes up with the fight scenes on DS9?>>

The fight sequences are sketched out by the writer in the teleplay, then
fleshed out and acutally choreographed by the stunt coordinator and the
director on the stage.  Remember that the production schedule in TV is much
less forgiving than in feature films and there's rarely an opportunity to do
in-depth or elaborate planning when designing the stunt work in action
scenes.  The more polished action seen in film is a result of more $$$ and
more time to plan and shoot everything.  Dennis Mandalone -- our stunt
coordinator -- is very good at what he does, but often doesn't have the time
or money to do the scene the way he would like.  I think that considering the
 all the limitations he struggles under, he does a very good job for us.

<<how come starfleet does not have some version of a bayonet for it's phaser
rifles considering how often things become hand to hand?>>

It's a good practical idea, but I think it's too much at odds with Gene's
Starfleet.  To see our phasers with bayonets would be too visually aggressive
and vicious-looking.

<<Why are you the only one of TPTB that is willing to do this for the fans?
Why wont any of the Voyager PTB do the same?>>

This is something I do on my own because I believe the time and energy
required to keep this conversation with the audience going is ultimately
worth it.  But that's just me and it's not really fair to the other
writer/producers around here to say that just because I do it, they should
too.  They all have access to AOL and/or the internet and if they want to log
on they certainly can.

<< <who came up with the idea of giving [Geordi ocular implants in FC] ?>

#10 says it was Levar Burton>>

You'd win that bet.  LeVar lobbied long and hard to get rid of the VISOR in
Generations and we finally acceded to his request in FC.

<<Is there anything (intentional) in the Rom/Leeta romance to do with the
fact that both Ferengi and Bajorans have a "thing" about lobes?>>

I'm not sure the Bajorans have a "thing" about earlobes just because they all
wear earrings.  That's like saying we have a "thing" about fingers because we
wear rings.

<<I heard you and Braga were writing or have written a screenplay based on a
video game. Any truth to this? >>

We're writing a screenplay based on the video game "Area 51" for New Line

<<Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor of a new Trek series
with Captain Sulu and the Excelcior?>>

It's not true.

<<With Star Trek Films nearing ten, do you think that in the near future, we
will be seeing DS9 and VGR movies and if we do, will they come after the TNG
movies end or will they coincied with them?>>

There aren't any current plans for DS9 or VOY features at the moment.  I
think anything's possible, and there's no way to predict the future of either

<<Is there any truth to the rumor that Paramount will no longer accept spec
scripts for Star Trek?>>

It's still under review by both Paramount Legal and the production offices of
DS9 & Voyager.  Nothing has been decided yet, but I'd get my spec in now if I
were you, just in case.
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Date:  7/12/97 00:42:49
From:  RonDMoore       

<<In the current issue of Sci-Fi Universe (the magazine for science fiction
fans with an extra $5 in their wallets), it's theorized that DS9 might get
"toasted" in Star Trek IX (assuming there is no season 7).  With the full
understanding that this is probably a totally unfounded rumor and/or the
product of some SFU staff writer's imagination... how would you feel about
such a development?>>

I haven't read the story for Trek IX, but I seriously doubt that trashing the
station is part of the plot. I think that if anyone's going to destroy DS9,
it would have to be in our own series or in our own movie (and there are NO
plans to destroy DS9, just to be clear).  

<<Have you ever thought about going on the show dressed up like some weird
alien?  >>

It's occured to me from time to time, but I think if I ever do actually do a
cameo, I want to be a Klingon.

<<Ron, when does filming start up again?  Also, how do they cast the newborn
babies such as Yoshi?  Do new parents get an agent that fast or these
children of staff members?>>

We began filming Season 6 on Tuesday, July 8.  Infants do indeed have agents
and have to be hired just like any other actor (don't ask me what induces
parents to agree to smear their baby in fake blood for a birth scene and then
hand it over to somewhere wearing a Klingon forehead, I have no idea.)

<<First Contact, the Borg go back in time to the flight of the warp drive to
destroy the human race. Why don't they go to that little scene in All Good
Things and just blow up that "little pile of goo"? >>

I guess they didn't watch that show.  Another valuable lesson for all you
would-be galactic conquerors -- tape every episode!  The life you save may be

<<What is your opinion on the fact that the Star Trek: Continuum is
accessable solely to members of the Microsoft Network?>>

It's too bad, but I guess that's Paramount's decision and you can't fault
them for trying to position themselves for future profits with Microsoft --
they are in the business of making money, after all.  But since the Microsoft
Network doesn't seem to be ringing anyone's bells at the moment, Paramount
may be the biggest loser in this equation.

<<Generations had few redeeming qualities.  Stewart was one of them. Brannon
Braga was the other!>>

It's always good to hear from Brannon's mother.

<<do you know if the borg will be on ds9>>

They will not.

<<Will Lwaxana return next season? What about Lwaxana's baby? The O'Brien
baby? We need more of the O'Brien baby,to see if he's partially Bajoran.>>

We have no plans at the moment for Mrs. Troi or her latest progeny.  We'll
definitely see more of the O'Brien baby this year.  I hope you're implying
that there may be some Bajoran characteristics because of Kira carrying the
child and not that Keiko was up to no good when she spent all those MONTHS
down there ALONE on BAJOR with NO ONE except OTHER BAJORANS for COMPANY on
all those LONELY NIGHTS.  Certainly not.  Perish the thought.  

<<What in Q's name will happen to Odo and Kira's relationship in the 6th
season (and beyond if Ds9 is lucky to renew its contract)?>>

Now I can't give everything away, now can I?

<< I heard that a fleet of ships were going back to take back the station.
Now my question is will the enterprise be part of the fleet, if the paople
are willing?>>

I would not expect the Enterprise to show up on DS9 at any time this season.
 The Big E is permanently docked at the Feature Film Starbase and will not be
cruising back to the Television Sector anytime soon.

<<What is your favorite cheese?>>

Paramount Legal and the Writers Guild prevent me from answering this type of
question.  Our lawyers will be contacting you shortly.

<<Will the Leeta/Rom relationship last long or will it be as forgotten as the
Neelix/Kes couple?>>

We have every intention of continuing to explore the Rom/Leeta relationship.

<< Is Captain Sisko ever going to get married?>>

Not anytime soon -- we have enough matrimony at the moment.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  7/12/97 00:56:22
From:  RonDMoore       

<<When do you think you'll find out about season 7?>>

Not for a few months.

<<Any chance we'll be seeing a bit more serialized feel this season, with
more of an episode to episode flow, or will it strictly be standalones that
make up a larger story?>>

Since we won't be wrapping up the War Against the Dominion right away, the
first few episodes will definitely have more continuity between them than
normal, but we will also be doing stand-alone shows as well.

<<Now that the fifth season is over with, can you shed some light on any
changes that you made, whether voluntary or otherwise, with the beginning of
the season and the entire Klingon War?  Interviews during the summer with the
writing staff seemed to indicate something different than what we actually
got, and I know one of you was quoted as saying that the premiere would be a
two-parter, which it was obviously not.  Were there actually any significant
changes, or was it all just rumors?>>

I don't recall what our thinking was going into Season 5 at the moment,
except that we assumed we'd be playing the Klingon War a bit more than we
ultimately did.  That was because we started to see that the more interesting
place to go was a full-scale war against the Dominion where we could really
devote the time and money to delivering the story instead of playing the
Klingon War "out there" every week.  Our interest in the Dominion/Federation
conflict was leading us there anyway and we just decided to go for it and so
we wrapped up the Klingon conflict and went full-steam for the Dominion.

<<will we be seeing more Q in the coming up episodes ?>>

No plans for Q on DS9.

<<Not only did Sagan hate Trek, he apparently hated it without ever watching
it, except perhaps for the episodes his son wrote.>>

This is news to me.  His son Nick never mentioned it either.  Is there a
definitive answer on this? -- I don't have the book someone referenced as the
source of his quote.

<<Mr. Moore, Does the Enterprise E, the Defiant,  or the  Voyager have a
detachable saucer section?>>

The Defiant does not, but I believe the E-E and the Voyager both do.

<<seeing how "The Bonding" was the episode that started your Trek career, do
you have any interest in letting us know what has become of the young man
Worf took into his family?>>

I've never felt like I wanted to follow up on Jeremy after "The Bonding".
 I'm not against it, but I don't have any interesting stories to tell with
that character.

<<do you think we could see General Martock's  (I botched the spelling, I
know) crew again>>

We'll definitely see him and the ship again, but maybe not the same crew this

<<And finally, If I come out to California, can I crash at your place?>>

You mean in a plane?   Gee, I don't know... all the mess and wreckage...
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