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Date:  7/17/97 19:18:34
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Have you seen "Contact" and what did you think?>>

Not yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  I did see "Men in Black" and
generally enjoyed it.  I thought it was slick and fun, but not as funny as
say, "Ghostbusters" which seemed to do this kind of picture better.

<<what do you think of all the recent news reports (in Variety and elsewhere)
that many people associated with Trek are "spreading their wings". In the
last couple months, Ira Behr, Brannon, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and
Rick Berman have all allegedy penned future production deals with Paramount,
giving them an opportunity to go on to do other projects. Is this a sign that
Trek is going to be left to a "new generation?"  Or do people at the top
foresee a coming end to the franchise in series form?  And most
importantly...what about you?  You've mentioned taht you'd like to go on to that a priority to you once DS9 ends?  I personally think many
people would like to see you stay on board and take the top seat as another
Great Bird?  Any chance of that? >>

I'm happy to see that there is indeed "life after Trek."  I should hasten to
point out that although Rick, Ira, Brannon, Patrick and Jonathan have all
signed development deals with Paramount, that none of them will be leaving
the Trek franchise immediately.  In fact, their continued involvement with
Trek was one of the conditons that enticed Paramount to offer them larger
deals.  For my part, I'm happy where I am for now, but I'm not sure if I'll
continue with Trek beyond DS9 or not.  This show has been an enormously
fulfilling experience for me on both a personal and creative level and I have
that sense that it'll be a difficult one to top.  I have my doubts that
Paramount will want to (or even should) make a fifth series until well after
Voyager has run its course, so it's premature to think about a new show.  I
don't think I'll go over to Voyager at the end of DS9's run.  As for future
features or IMAXs or CD-ROMs or whatever, it's hard to say if I'd be
interested, it'll depend on the project.  I do have ideas of my own for TV
series and feature projects and I'm looking forward to the time when I can
pursue something non-24th century related.  But I'll miss this place and
these people...

<<During your AOL chat, you mentioned this would be the title of the second 
episode of the season, which you were writing.  I heard someone mention that 
Rocks and Shoals is what the Court Martial manual of the Navy use to be known
as.  Is this what the title is in fact referring to, and does this episode
somehow revolve around a crew member's Court Martial?>>

"Rocks and Shoals" does not contain a court martial.  The title seemed
thematically right to me, since the episode deals with some characters
running up on the "rocks" and others entering "shoal water".  I think that
the phrase itself actually referred to the Royal Navy's judicial system, but
I could be wrong.  In any case, the title just came to me as I was working on
the script and although later I remembered the judicial connection, it wasn't
the initial reason for the title.  There are also themes of justice and
military order in the script, so I think it's still appropriate.

<<In the season finale, "A Call To Arms," Nog (at least I think it was Nog)
said that it would take 48 hours to reach the task force.  Then I assume that
the task force is going back toward the station.  If this is true, that would
mean that the Dominion would have 4 days (48 hours + 48 hours) to fortify
DS9.  Isn't that an excessive risk for a fleet that had just gone into battle
(the shipyards)?>>

The task force glimpsed at the end of "Call to Arms" is not on its way to the
Subj:  Answers
Date:  7/17/97 19:36:37
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Why does "exploring male sexuality" seem to automatically imply (to this
poster) than something homo or bisexual automatically has to be involved?
 Can't heterosexual men explore their sexuality?>>

If I misinterpreted the initial posting on this, I'm sorry, but in that case
I don't understand the question.  The heterosexual men on the show have
definitely all had sexual experiences during the course of the series and I'm
not sure what "exploration" is being called for.

<<Having read the very brief synopsis of the first several episodes, I was
disappointed to see no mention of Kira.  Obviously, they were very brief
synopsis, but I was hoping that we would be seeing Kira ala the resistance,
since DS9 is in the hands of the Cardassians.>>

What synopsis?  Kira is definitely featured in all the war-related episodes
while the Dominion controls the station.

<<Even though you aren't writing the next movie, you must have some clue as
to what is going on with the script and characters.>>

Guess again.  I have NO information on the plot or the characters in Trek IX.

<<If season 6 is indeed the final year, will the last episode tie up all ends
and be the last adventure for the crew, or will it appear that things go on
as "usually" such as at the end of TNG's "All Good Things..."?   Also, would
the TNG movie series have to end before a DS9 movie could be made, or would
that not have an effect?  >>

Both of these questions are hard to answer at this moment.  No decisions have
been made on any of this yet.

<<How come the Federation can't simply do a tricorder scan for a changeling
yet? My Lord, Julian's had 5 years to analyze Odo's metabolism. You'd think
they'd have figured it out by now....Likewise for Federation weaponry. At
this point, shouldn't they have some weapons that kick a little J'em H'dar
bootie?  Both defensive and offensive?>>

These are abilities we're simply not ready to give the Federation.

<<I was wondering what your take is on all the Roswell stuff? Do you think
there is any possibilty that the government is involved in some kind of
X-filish cover-up? Or do you think it's all wishful thinking by those who
want to believe? >>

I'm not a big believer in grand conspiracies.  They seldom seem plausible or
logical (how many hundreds of people, if not thousands, would have to be
lying about Roswell?) and generally I think the simplest explanations are the
best:  Government does something stupid (crashes plane near Roswell,
mishandles JFK investigation, etc.), government officials handle publicity
badly, government tries to cover its own ineptitude, government can't admit
mistakes for many years, government ultimately looks stupid and/or
conspiratorial in the end.  For crying out loud, we're talking about people
who couldn't mine the harbors of Nicaragua or run arms to the Contras without
getting caught, you really think they're up to the task of hiding
extraterrestrials?  ("Ah, but that's how clever they really are -- they
*want* us to think they're idiots!")
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