Subj:  Answers
Date:  7/28/97 19:17:18
From:  RonDMoore       

<<a recent magazine about DS9 special effects (Cinefantastique), they showed
a picture of Gary Hutzel with a beat up old movie Enterprise model.  It was
on a filming stand, and it was only the stardrive section.  Almost the entire
ship was charred black, with a few gashes in the side.  Do you have any idea
what this was from?!>>

Sorry, but I have no idea.

<<I was surprised when [Worf] as a Starfleet officer, was posted to Martok's
ship in the season finale.>>

We wanted a chance to do some stories with the Klingons and posting Worf to
Martok's ship gave us that opportunity.  The feeling on the staff was that we
had too many people on the Defiant anyway and that Worf wouldn't end up with
much to do if he stayed.  We also wanted to separate Worf and Dax for a
while.  The internal rationale in the series is that Worf will coordinate
Klingon/Federation military activities in addition to serving as Martok's
First Officer while aboard the Rotarran.

<< i reaally want to know if we will see an episode that features Kira and

Possibly, but not until we get the station back!

<<Ron I would like to know if it possible to bring back Kahn AGAIN?>>

No.  There was actually a point where we discussed a cameo appearanc of Kahn
for something (sorry, I can't recall which episode or why, but it was a
couple of years ago on DS9) and we were told that Ricardo Montalban's health
wouldn't permit him to do it.

<<One of my alltime favorite Trek episodes was Lower Decks, an ambitious
episode where you got to see the ship and crew of the Enterprise D from a
different perspective- through the eyes of junior officers.  Did you like
this episode and is anything like this planned for DS9?>>

I thought it was a great episode.  We've brought up "Lower Decks" several
times on DS9 among the staff and our feeling is that unlike TNG, we actually
do many episodes and storylines that revolve around the characters on the
"lower" decks:  Rom, Leeta, Nog, Muniz, all the crewmembers from "Empok Nor",

<<Do you have any little tidbits you can throw out about the season 6
premiere episode?>>

We don't get back the station and life under the Dominion is not what you'd

<<What do you think was the WORST TNG episode ever?>>

"Shades of Gray" is embarassing.  So is "Up the Long Ladder".

<< I was wondering if you ever heard of Stephen E. Whitfield or even heard of
[The Making of Star Trek]?>>

I read the book many years ago when I was a kid and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I
met Stephen Whitfield a year or two ago, and I believe he's now working on a
book on the making of Voyager.

<<What do you know about Brent Spiner's turn as John Adam's in the B'way
revival of 1776?  How committed is he to doing theater- could it interfere
with his availability to play Data in ST:IX? >>

I don't know much about Brent in 1776.  I hope I get a chance to see it --
it's my favorite movie musical of all time but I've never seen it performed
on stage.  Anyone know if he's touring?  I doubt that the play will interfere
with him appearing in Trek 9.

<<In the second Spock episode( can't remember if it's "Unification pt 2" or
"Reunification pt 2") there is the sceen where Spock, Data, and Picard have
just subdued Seva.  In the foreground there is a crystal statue or something
that reflects the image of a man onlooking.  Those running to the VCR's must
be sharp! My Question Ron, is this you?>>

It's not me.  Although it was certainly plausible that I'd be the idiot
standing there chewing gum and screwing up the shot while I tried to find an
"out of the way" place to stand on the set.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  7/28/97 19:35:00
From:  RonDMoore       

<<your work on the last two films was bad to average>>

Always nice to hear from a fan.

<<As part of a team of writers, how do you all collaborate?  How many times
do you meet as a group or how exactly is it done?>>

Technically, the only "team" I participate in is when I work with Brannon.
 As a team, we work on every line through the entire script, scene by scene,
page by page.  On the DS9 staff, we get together quite often to discuss story
ideas, give notes on each other's scripts, "break" (outline) stories, watch
dailies, etc. virtually every day.

<<Was the first script you ever sold for Star Trek?>>


<<Is it ok for folk to E-mail you or is this forbidden due to the deluge of
mail you already receive?>>

As a general rule, I don't answer fan e-mail directly.  I have to draw the
line somewhere and I'm afraid that keeping up with the questions here on the
board is more than enough work.  I'd much rather put my energy here since
more people can read and enjoy the responses.

<<What kind of control does Berman have or can all this talk of forwarding
his own insidious agenda be likened to a conspiracy theory which you find so

Rick has the overall control on all Star Trek filmed media.  He has no
"insidious agenda" and theories to the contrary are a bunch of crap.

<<How can a wannabe writer get a start when he has no agent and no published
stuff? >>

You gotta stick with it and keep sending your stuff to agents and to anyone
and everyone else you can think of.

<<Oh, and do you know who is going to do the music score for the next film?>>

I'm sure it hasn't been determined yet.

<<Have you read the Starfleet Academy comics published by Marvel? s there any
communication between your show and the comic, or is the semblance of
continuity kept up with from their side of the fence only? Are the comics
still non-canon, or has this series wrinkled the boundry between canon and
non-canon? >>

I haven't read the comics and we on the writing staff have no contact with
anyone at Marvel.  I assume they have a contact at Paramount in Merchandising
and Licensing who tracks the continuity.  On the show, we only consider
*filmed* material to be canon (not including the CD-ROMs).

<<Do you think that Paramount will make a DS9 movie ?>>

No one knows at this point.

<<what did Drex say to Odo in "The Way of the Warrior?"  Garak responded with
"Actually, I don't think Constable Odo HAS a mother.">>

I don't think this was translated into English in the script since it seemed
best left to the imagination.

<<Why has the crew of the Enterprise been stuck for so long at their current

Promotions are always difficult in Trek since moving up in rank would usually
promote the characters right off the Bridge and onto another ship.  Yes,
Geordi, Data, and Troi could always be moved up to full Commanders, but that
would make them equal to Riker and Crusher and you'd have six characters with
the same rank.  Moving Crusher and Riker up means having three captains on
board and moving Picard up to Admiral obviously creates other problems.

<<What do you think of the addition of a FEMALE BORG to the crew of

I really don't have much of an opinion about it.  I haven't read the script
or seen any footage, so I'll just wait and see the episode along with the
rest of you.

<<Is there any chance of Eddington resurfacing next season?  >>

I don't think so.

<<In an earlier folder you ranked the Star Trek movies as to your personal
favorites, but neglected to include The Undiscovered Country or First Contact
on the list.  So how do the rankings currently stack up?>>

My rankings would be:

Wrath of Khan/First Contact -- tie
Voyage Home
Search for Spock
Undiscovered Country
The Motion Picture
Final Frontier
Subj:  Answers
Date:  7/28/97 19:42:27
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Do you have a fundamental problem with the premise of Voyager looking for a
way home to the Alpha Quadrant?  It always seemed that the purpose Gene had
in mind was exploration- not ripping off Gilligan's Island and Quantum Leap.
 While VGR has definitely turned out some quality episodes and introduced
some interesting new races- do you see the premise as flawed, cliched, or a
contradiction of Gene's vision?>>

I see nothing wrong with Voyager's premise.  In fact, I like the premise that
they're far from home and free to see and do new things every week.

<<What would you say are the chances of seeing the Ent-H in about 7-10 years
from now?>>

It's certainly possible, but it's WAY too early to speculate.

<<I submitted a DS9 spec script to Paramount in late May of 1996 and have yet
to hear back. Is that normal, or should I start panicking?>>

It's normal, unfortunately.

<<One of the few continuity holes in a season of carefully-structured
continuity was the absence of First Minister Shakaar in quite a few episodes
in which his presence was almost required. I understand it was extremely
difficult to book Duncan Regher (sp?) this year, so is it possible that
Shakaar will be recast with a more available actor? In any case, will we see
more of Shakaar next year?>>

The absence of Shakaar had less to do with Duncan's schedule and more to do
with already crowded stories that needed trimming and with budgetary
considerations.  We haven't planned any Shakaar appearances yet for Season 6,
but we still might.

<<do you think you guys have been a little spenthrifty with the term "Vedek"
in the past few years?>>

That's probably true.  

<<Do you think that given exactly the same scripts, same performances, and
the same actors, but without the title Star Trek, that DS9, were it on NBC
Thursdays at 10, would have garnered some of the big nominations? >>

That's a very good question, and one that I've asked myself both on TNG and
DS9.  I do think that if either show had been a network series that we'd have
garnered at least one or two of the "big" nominations over the years (not
forgetting TNG's Best Drama nom in year 7).  At the very least, Patrick and
Brent would've gotten a nomination and possibly Avery, Rene, and Armin.
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