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Date:  8/5/97 2:36:52 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<I really would like to know the correct registry of the USS Lakota in the
episode "Paradise Lost" >>

I'm sorry, but I don't have the answers to technical questions like this one.

<< In "Journey's End", Wesley goes with the Traveler off into the depths of
space/time, whatever...  Who's decision (as in the writers) was it to send
Wesley back on this path?  Plus, is there any truth to the rumor that
Wesley's departure from Trek in this episode was a direct result of Wil
Wheaton's dislike of where the Star Trek franchise has gone (ie marketing)?

I was the one who pushed to get Wesley out of the Academy and send him off
with the Traveler.  I felt that there was a built-in contradiction in a
character that we'd said was like Mozart in his appreciation of higher
mathematics and physics, yet was just on the same career path as any
Starfleet cadet.  I didn't get it -- if Wes is truly special and gifted, what
the hell is he doing at the Helm?  It seemed like he was only going to the
Academy to live up to the memory of his father and the expectations of
Picard, not because it was his best destiny.  "Journey's End" also seemed
like an opportunity to see someone walk away from Starfleet with their head
held high and just say "It's cool, but not for me."  I was tired of everyone
in the 24th century saying, "All I want to do is wear the uniform and serve
on a starship."  Hey, it's cool, but it's not for everyone.  So I pushed to
have Wes realize his destiny was elsewhere and have him walk away.

As for Wil's reason's for leaving in the first place, you'll have to ask him
for a definitive answer, but my understanding was that he was tired of the
daily grind and was looking to get out of actoring.

<<Ron, how would you rank the importance of the following when submitting a
spec script.

-Character development
-Interesting TECH
-Proper format
-Plot twists
-Correct character "voices"
-Moral story?>>

I'd say that with the exception of "interesting TECH" that all of the above
are important.  The physical layout itself tells us whether or not you're a
professional who knows what you're doing and then the story itself tells us
whether you can write our particular show.

<<What percentage of spec script writers are invited to pitch? Should a spec
script be a showcase of your writing talents, or a sample of great ideas that
could be pitched to the producers? (Of course, they go hand in hand!) And, if
a person is invited to pitch, do they have the choice of pitching in person
or over the phone?>>

Somewhere around 20-40% of spec script submissions lead to pitch invitations.
 The spec itself should show us that you know the show and that you've got
talent, and it is more of a showcase for your abilities since we haven't
actually bought a story from a spec in a long time.  We always give you the
option of pitching in person or on the phone, and no, it doesn't help or hurt
you one way or the other.

<<What is the chance before DS9 is over that you could sneek in the 3
nacelled Galaxy class ship in an exterior shot.  >>

This is very doubtful, but I guess you never know.
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