Subj:  Answers
Date:  8/23/97 12:55:08 AM
From:  RonDMoore       

Some stuff I grabbed from the old folder, while I've got a little time:

<< let me say that it's possible that if we were to see lots of athletic
males in Trek, we just might turn off a major demographic -- young males.
 Showing women is okay, by comparison, because -- or so say the pop articles
on stuff like this -- girls like to "dish" (whatever that means).  I'm just
throwing out some ideas here.>>

This has never been a factor in our casting or story decisions.   Nor will it

<<Just curious if you are a regular "live theater" goer.  Have you had the
opportunity to see the musical "Rent"?>>

Ruby and I try to go when we can.  We have tickets for "Rent" when it comes
to LA later this year.  My favorite play of the last few years was "Arcadia"
by Tom Stoppard, and if you ever get a chance to see or read this fascinating
and brilliant work -- run, don't walk.

<<Do you know of any way to get a copy of the alternate script created for
the Generations movie (the one by the other team)?  Also, any idea of where I
might find the 6TH SEASON "All Good Things...", the script that you wrote but
never completed.>>

As far as I know, you can't get a copy of Maurice Hurley's script (which I
think had a different title than "Generations").  Also, the 6th season
version of "All Good Things..." never got past the story stage, so there is
no script.

<<In the TNG Episode: "The Pegasus", a Federation developed "Phase(d) Cloak"
is discovered. In a time of war, why hasn't the Federation decided to use
these on all of its vessels (or as many as possible?)>>

The phasing cloak had a lot technical problems in its development which cause
explosions on both the Pegasus and a Romulan ship working on the same device.
 This would seem to indicate that the phasing cloak still has a lot of
problems despite the Enterprise's desperate use of it at the end of "The

<<What software do you use to write your scripts?>>

I'm in the middle of switching from Microsoft Word 5.0 (with Scriptor style
sheet) to Scriptware.  Word 5 is a dinosaur that no one seems to be using
anymore except here in the antiquated Hart Building (where the computers
aren't even networked together yet).  Scriptware has some kinks here and
there, but it's a huge improvement over Word and I think we'll all be using
it before too long.

<<Recently I went onto the Bridge and I heard some guy spouting off about how
they are bringing TNG back in 1998 and it is going to be about the Ent-E, and
claiming that his uncle works at Paramount so the rumors he put on his web
page were true.>>

It's nonsense.

<<On a more serious note, I was wondering if the writing staff was planning
to deal with the fact that Ziyal grew up the station. Did she know Quark?
Nog? Rom?>>

Our feeling is that Ziyal was kept out of public view during the Cardassian
Occupation as was her mother since it would've been politically incorrect for
Dukat to have a Bajoran family at that time.
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