Subj:  Answers
Date:  9/15/97 5:51:04 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Any chance of you writing a Voyager script with Brannon in the near future?
If DS9 wraps for good after season six, what are your plans? Will you
continue with Trek our pursue your own projects?>>

I don't have any plans to work on Voyager.  If DS9 wraps after this year,
I'll probably pursue my own projects or move on to another show.  We'll see
-- I'm still hoping we'll get a 7th year.

<<Now, have I been horrifyingly misinformed, or is the 7th episode in this
season an episode involving a return to the Mirror Universe?>>

The 7th episode is called "You are Cordially Invited..." (make of that what
you will) and does not involve the Mirror Universe.  However, the 8th episode
does revisit our friends from the Other Side.

 << <BTW -- far from being "infamous" I found Ellen's coming out to be one of
the more courageous pieces of television in the last twenty years.> How could
this be considered courageous?  It was all a ratings ploy.  If her show was a
top 10 show, THEN it would have been courageous.  >>

Well, when you consider the fact that a good chunk of the population still
believes that homosexuality is a choice and a sin against God, then I'd say
that having your lead character in a prime-time comedy series proclaim loudly
and clearly that she's gay is a rather courageous act.  Remember that Disney
took a fair amount of flack over this issue from the yahoos at the Southern
Baptist Convention (Disney owns ABC, which broadcast the episode) and several
other "family" oriented groups.  It was a gutsy move.  The safe way to go
(which is what network TV loves) would've been to just tease around the edges
more and then have her find "the right man" at some future date.  

<<the Intendant seemed really broken up over the shapeshifter's death...was
it just an appreciation for good help which is hard to find? Or did she have
personal feelings??>>

We think that the Intendant looked at Mirror Odo as a loyal and valuable
officer, and also as a sorely missed lover.  Whether there were any deeper
feelings than that (not to mention whether she's even capable of deeper
feelings) is something we have yet to address.

<<Still don't know who wrote "The Sacrifice of Angels," though. >>

Ira and Hans wrote this one.

<<hey Ron.what gives.i've posted two messages and you didnt' respond to any
of them...>>

What are the questions, again?

<<do you have an update on whether unsolicited scripts will still be accepted
(with all the proper forms included, of course)?  If the cutoff point is
coming, do you have at least a ballpark figure on when that might happen, so
we know if we have a chance to finish a submission under the deadline?>>

I was told that the policy was "under review" a couple of months ago, but I
haven't heard anything since then.  A word to the wise -- get those scripts
in NOW, if you want to be on the safe side.
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